Most Controversial News of 2016

2016 was surely not short on controversies.

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It wouldn’t be a year without controversies and 2016 had more than a few to keep us occupied. The industry is no stranger to the phenomenon, especially with some of the subject matter it deals with, but what was the most controversial news of the year?


Voice Actor Strikes

It was a while coming but the video game voice actor union SAG-AFTRA finally called for strikes. Though the strike seems reasonable – offer better compensation to voice actors based on a game’s performance – the fact that companies like Activision, Insomniac, Take Two Interactive and EA are involved makes you sad for the state of voice actors in the industry.

Counter-Strike Gambling

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Gambling has always been a shady business in the world of Counter-Strike GO but this year saw it explode in the public eye. YouTubers owning gambling sites and encouraging viewers to take part, pro players profiting from their own sites and much more showcased just how seedy things can get in the world of digital cosmetics.

No Man’s Sky Misleading Promises

No Man's Sky

Though the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK decreed that Hello Games didn’t mislead gamers with the Steam page for No Man’s Sky, the issue of “misleading” promises continues to stick with the game after release. Perhaps it stemmed from Sean Murray sort of confirming multiplayer that one time. Maybe it was something else. Either way, people didn’t like it and they let their displeasure be known.

Pokémon Go Accidents

pokemon go ar on

More the result of general human idiocy than actual developer controversy, Niantic’s Pokémon GO inspired accidents. A lot of accidents. We mean in the “people should know better than to drive and play Pokémon GO but apparently not” way. That’s not all. Some miscreants were even setting up fake PokeStops to mug innocent bystanders.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ‘Aug Lives Matter’ controversy

Would Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘s Aug Lives Matter campaign have been so harshly criticized if it didn’t resemble Black Lives Matter? Would it have helped if the latter weren’t involved in terrible events around the same time? Eidos Montreal described the slogan as an “unfortunate coincidence” but it still drew criticism throughout the industry.

Bethesda’s New Policy For Review Copies

Games can ship with bugs – players have more or less come to expect that. However, is a game worth playing and/or fun, especially following so much hype? That’s where reviews before launch usually help. Unfortunately, Bethesda decided this year to release review copies a day after the actual games release. As you probably guessed, no one is happy about it.


No Man’s Sky Misleading Promises

It almost seemed like Hello Games promised us the universe with No Man’s Sky. In a way, it promised a procedurally generated universe with lots to discover, strange animals to name, giant space fleet battles and more. What No Man’s Sky ultimately delivered was…far less endearing, thanks to a grind-heavy style of gameplay and no real conclusion.

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