Mother 3 Is Finally Coming To The West, According To Reports

Legendary game finally coming to the west after ten long years.

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Ten years ago, Nintendo released a game that has widely been hailed as the greatest game they have ever made, and one of the greatest game of all time- well, by those who got to play it, anyway. The game was called Mother 3, and it was a Gameboy Advance exclusive sequel to the SNES exclusive cult classic Earthbound. But in spite of the fact that Nintendo of Europe, at least, had already begun preliminary work on localizing the game, we never got Mother 3 in the west- possibly because of the dismally low sales Earthbound had had back when it launched on the SNES in North America in 1994, or because of the fact that the GBA was, by then, on the way out, replaced by the Nintendo DS.

Mother 3 has become an enigma since then- the game was universally acclaimed upon its Japanese release, and the few players in the west who got to play it wouldn’t stop raving about it. A fan localization project helped many try the game, and everyone came away impressed- longing for an official release so that more people would get to experience this masterpiece. But it never happened, and after so long, Mother 3 has been consigned to being an unfulfilled dream- something like a Final Fantasy 7 remake, or Shenmue 3 ever releasing.

But dreams do come true- and in keeping with the trend of impossible projects springing to life, it seems like Mother 3 will be getting a western release after all. Multiple independent sources are confirming that Nintendo plans to release the game in the west on the tenth anniversary of its original Japanese release on the Wii U Virtual Console- meaning an April 26 launch.

“Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year,” Nintendo insider Emily Rogers wrote on Twitter, posting a picture of Mother character Kumatora. That tweet has since been deleted. Another source corroborated the report- and Eurogamer themselves have heard it from an insider source that a Mother 3 western release is finally happening, in just a few months.

After so long, it honestly feels a bit unreal- most Mother fans had long since given up hopes of a western release. But with the English releases of Earthbound, the SNES original, and Earthbound Beginnings (the NES original Mother, renamed and brought to western territories for the first time) on the Wii U Virtual Console, and their corresponding success, as well as the success of the Earthbound inspired Undertale, it really should not come as much of a shock to anybody.

The only question now is what they will call the game. Earthbound Endings, perhaps?

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