NBA 2K19 Mega Guide – Fast And Easy Virtual Currency, Reaching Level 99, Tips, Tricks And More

A complete guide for NBA 2K19.

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NBA 2K19 Mega Guide – Fast And Easy Virtual Currency, Reaching Level 99, Tips, Tricks And More

NBA 2K19 is the latest game in the series and it pretty much improves upon every aspect of the previous games. Without a doubt, this is the game to play if you’re looking for a fairly deep basketball video game. However, there’s a lot to learn here, but this guide is here to  help you out with any information you might  need.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!

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Try Different Camera Perspectives

The game’s default camera perspective lets you view the action from the side but if you feel that this doesn’t suit you, you can opt for a different setting. You can go to the settings and try out different camera settings to find the one that you find most comfortable to play with.

Master The New Shot Meter

This game brings a new shot meter which wasn’t there in previous entries in the series. This time around, you will be able to see a meter next to the player and to ge tthe best shot possible, you should let go of the ball when the meter is the highest.

Use Bounce Passes

There are lots of different kinds of passes in the game that will be of use in different situations. However, each of them carries some risks too. The best pass to use early on and which comes with low risk is the bounce pass, so make sure you use it when you need to pass the ball to a nearby player.

Wait For An Opening

Don’t always go for shots if it’s going to  end up with you losing possession for the ball. Sometimes, the best tactic will be to  just pass the ball to nearby teammates and then wait for an opening  so that you can get an easier shot.

Be Careful With The Turbo Button

Don’t always use the Turbo button as it will leave your players exhausted and it also prevents you from making those subtle plays that are needed to score points. Use it only when absolutely necessary and at other times, moving at normal speed is good enough.

Start With A Bad Team

Apart from the great feeling of bringing the underdog team to victory, it’s also great to start with a not-so-great team simply because it will guarantee you a greater amount of play time which will lead to greater pay, and so on.

Indicators Show Whom To Defend Against

On most difficulties, the game will provide visual aides which will show you which player you’re supposed to focus on when playing defense. Pay attention to these indicators to play exactly what’s required of your player’s position in the team.


To start off myTeam mode, you will have to select a team and once you do and you will get their uniforms, stadium card, and their star player. The first thing  you should do once  you select your team is head over to Freestyle  and you should then practice with your star players. Once you get used to your star players, you should then move to the Single Player tab and then select NBA domination. This will then allow you to go up against different teams and each victory will allow you to gain Virtual Currency (VC). You should also try out some of the other game modes in the Single Player tab, as these will also allow you to earn some VC quickly.


The career mode in this game is the most popular mode, and there are a lot of different things to learn here. If you’re new to the series, this mode may seem very complex, so this section will definitely be useful to you.

The first thing you should do is create a player who is balanced and whose skills suit the position which he has to play. You should then pick a position that best suits your play style and once you do so, you will have to pick the primary and secondary skills for the player. Picking a particular skill will increase or decrease the maximum attribute  cap depending on what skill you picked. Of course, feel free to experiment, but at the same time, you should try and pick those skills that are suitable for a particular position. You should also keep in mind that positions will also affect the caps for attributes. You should also make sure the player has the suitable body type for the position he is going to play in as this will have an impact on his ability as well.

You can find below a list of the different skills to pick for the different positions.

Shooting Guard

  • Driving and Finishing
  • 3Pt Shooter
  • Shot Creating
  • Defender

Point Guard

  • Passing and Ball Handling
  • 3Pt Shooter
  • Shot Creating
  • Driving and Finishing

Small Forward

  • Defender
  • 3Pt Shooter
  • Driving and Finishing


  • Defender
  • Rebounder
  • Post Scorer

Power Forward

  • Driving and Finishing
  • Defender
  • Rebounder Post Scorer

Getting A Good Teammate Grade

When playing offense, you should focus on hitting the gym and also on getting a good teammate score. Try not to dominate the court, and stick to your  position. This is because messing up can lead to you getting a lower teammate  score. Try and learn the play style of each player and then only take open shots. You should also learn how to play as a part of the team and try to assist your teammates with  screens whenever possible. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t over-dribble as this will lead to a turnover for sure. When a turnover is caused, you should immediately run  back to defend against the opposing team.

When on defense, the goal is to keep the opposing team from scoring whenever possible. Make use of locking on as this will you to stick to a player. However, don’t always do this because it won’t be useful in some situations. Any good defensive move such as blocking a shot or stealing the  ball will boost your  teammate  grade.


One of the first things you should focus on once you have a proper team and players is to try and earn Virtual Currency. You can earn the double the amount of VC that you earn by playing exhibition matches on Hall of Fame difficulty.

Focus on improving your players’ relevant attributes and set the match length to 12 minutes so that you will have more time to make an impact on the game. Since you will only be earning XP for Pro difficulty or higher, you will need this extra time. You should focus on earning badges in matches, and performing good plays is what will earn you the badges that you need. Just play according to your position and you will do well enough.


You will have to first meet certain requirements to unlock a badge and once you do so, you will gain access to some new skills.

Skill Badges

Skill Badges are divided into different categories. Once you first  unlock a badge, they will be set in the bronze tier and you can then work on getting them to a higher tier. You can find below all of the skill badges in the game.

Playmaking Badges

  • Flashy Passer: You can unlock this badge by executing 50  flash passes in a season. This badge will improve your  passing to receivers.
  • Dimer: You can unlock this bade by getting 300 assists in a season, and getting it will make you an elite passer.
  • Pick and Roll Maestro: You can unlock the badge by calling 150 screens in a season. Getting the badge increases accuracy of passes and shooting from screens when going off a pick and roll.
  • Anklebreaker: You can unlock this badge by getting  200 Double Move leading to a score in a single season. This badge will make you ankle break an opponent when dribbling.

Inside Scorer Badges

  • Putback King: You can unlock this badge by scoring multiple putbacks. Getting it will improve awareness around the ball following an offensive rebound.
  • Drop Stepper: You can unlock this badge by performing 30 drop step moves. This will improve your drop step in the post.
  • Tear Dropper: You can unlock this badge by getting 50 floaters in a season. This will improve your runners and floaters.
  • Pick and Roller: You can unlock this badge by performing 100 pick and rolls in a season. Getting  it will improve awareness during a pick and roll of the roller.
  • Dream like up and under: Unlock this badge by attempting 50 up and under shots in a season. Getting the badge will improve this move.
  • Relentless Finisher: Unlock this badge by attempting 75 contact layups. Getting the badge will make physical hits on contact shot impact your energy less.

Rebounding Badge

Hustle Rebounder: Unlock this badge by getting 70 offensive and 250 defensive rebounds. Getting the badge increases aggressiveness to get rebounds.

Outside Scorer Badges

  • Limitless Range: Unlock this badge by hitting 50 long range shots from before the hash mark. This improves deep three percentage.
  • Corner Specialist: You can unlock this badge by getting 25 3Pt shots in a single season. Improves 3 point shooting from the corner.
  • Catch and Shoot: Catch and shoot 100 times successfully in a single season to unlock this badge.
  • Difficult Shots: Unlock this badge by getting 100-200 pull and hop shots that are contested. Getting this badge will improve tough shots off dribble percentage.
  • Tireless Scorer: Unlock this badge by  making 200 shot attempts  when the energy bar is red. This will improve how effective you are when a high amount of energy is spent.
  • Deep Range Deadeye: When the ball is contested, hit 100 deep range shots to get this badge. This will improve deep range shot percentage.
  • Pick and Popper: Unlock this badge by scoring 200 times as the pick and pop man. This will improve pick and pop receiving capacity.

Atheleticism Badges

  • Brick Wall: Unlock this badge by executing 100 screens in a season. Getting the badge improves your chance to set an effective screen.
  • Lot city finisher: Unlock the badge by performing 15 successful lobs in a single season. This will improve your accuracy with an alley-oop.
  • One man fast break: Unlock this badge by scoring 100 times on a fast break in a single season. This will make you better when performing a fast break.
  • Bruiser: This badge will cause your player’s physicality to drain the energy of the opponent.
  • Posterizer: You can unlock this badge by making 15 contact dunks in a single season. Getting the badge caused you to dunk  at a higher rate over defenders.

Defense Badges

  • Rim Protector:  Increases defensive awareness when around the rim.
  • Charge Card: You can unlock this badge by taking seven charges. This will make you more effective at taking charges.
  • Pick Pocket: Unlock this badge by causing a loose ball 50 times. This improves your ability to steal the ball from the ball handler.
  • Chase down Artist: This badge improves your ability to transition when defending and to stop fast breaks.
  • Pick Dodger: This badge is unlocked by using turbo to get around screens. The badge will improve your ability to get through screens.
  • Defensive Stopper: Unlock this badge by landing multiple good shot defense along with good transition defense and stop fast break. This increases the effectiveness of offensive skills during a defensive matchup.

Personality Badges

You can find below all of the personality badges that can be earned in the game.

  • Wildcard: It is possible for the player to be vastly inconsistent.
  • Alpha Dog: Unlock the badge by being the team’s highest rated player. This will improve overall leadership.
  • Hardened: Unlock this badge by getting an average of 80 percent of team’s overall minutes over 20 straight games. The badge ensures you don’t lose much skill when injured/fatigued.
  • Keep it Real: This makes the player handle criticism well and makes him realistic about his goals.
  • Low Ego: The player will be more like to value team success over that of the self.
  • Unpredictable: The player will perform unpredictable movements.
  • Spark Plug: Unlock the badge by averaging at least 7 PPG over six games. This badge will make the player more likely to be better when coming off the bench.
  • Championship DNA: Unlock  this badge by winning a championship. Makes you play better in playoffs, and respond better to double teams.
  • Reserved: The player does not get along well with teammates.
  • Enforcer: Unlock this badge by making 10 hard and non-flagrant fouls in a single season. This improves your physicality.
  • Microwave: Unlock the badge by making  a player hot for 7 straight games. This makes your player heat up faster than other players.
  • Laid Back: The player is more laid back in both  his personality and game plan.
  • All time Great:  The player is working towards becoming an all time great in NBA.
  • Friendly: The player is liked by his teammates.
  • Floor General: Unlock this badge by averaging  5 assists per  game for 30 games. Improves performance of entire team when you are on the court.
  • Clutch Performer: Greater chance to improve in big games.
  • Defensive Anchor: Unlock this badge by raising defender discipline to 18 and playing 30 games. This badge helps to improve teammates’ awareness and defensive skill.
  • Expressive: The player displays a wide range of emotions  during celebrations.
  • Legendary Work Ethic: The player works the hardest.
  • Pat my back: The player feels pride when he  is supported by his teammates and coach.


Note: Please use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online or offline may lead to an immediate ban. GamingBolt or its staff members are not responsible for any problems arising due to their use.

You can use the videos below to make use of a glitch and quickly earn Virtual Currency – VC. However, it’s likely that the developers will quickly patch the glitch, so make sure you use it as soon as possible.


Makin’ Adjustments: Make an on-the-fly defensive coaching adjustment during a game.

The rest is History: Win a ‘Player Control’ game using a Historic player.

Take Over: Activate your MyPLAYER’s Takeover meter.

Draft, Schmaft: Win the Rookie of the Year award in MyCAREER.

Badge of Extreme Honor: Level up a badge to Gold in MyCAREER.

Perfection: Win all 10 games of ‘Greatest of All-Time’ in Play Now Online.

Capped out: Max out all of your badges in MyCAREER.

Rat-A-Tat-Tat: Get a tattoo from the Tattoo Shop in MyCAREER.

I Spy Spalding: Find the Spalding IQ equipment in the team practice facility in MyCAREER.

My House, My Rules: Win a game of Strikeout in your MyCOURT in MyCAREER.

A Little Something Extra: Complete a Daily Bonus in MyCAREER.

Marathon Man: Run 26.2 miles in the Neighborhood in MyCAREER.

Unleash Chaos: Have two consecutive breakout games in the NBA in MyCAREER.

Ride it where I like it: Ride a Bike in the Neighborhood in MyCAREER.

Rattle On: Play a game in the Cages in the Neighborhood in MyCAREER.

Two Bits: Get a haircut from the Barber Shop in MyCAREER.

Gimme a Boost: Purchase a skill boost at the Newsstand in MyCAREER.

Inception: Play a game of NBA 2K19 against a friend in your MyCOURT.

Get your feet wet: Complete a Jordan Rec Center game.

Served Cold: Beat Andrew in the Summer League in MyGM. (Secret)

We the People: Join or Own a Crew.

Tex, we have a problem: The media caught wind of the leaked information in MyGM. (Secret)

A new beginning: Completed the story, unlocked the best ending and became part owner with Tex in MyGM. (Secret)

Drop it!: Earn a Token in Triple Threat Online in MyTEAM.

Undefeated: Go undefeated in Unlimited in MyTEAM.

More loot: User your Tokens to acquire a player in MyTEAM.

Thrill by association: Create or join a MyLEAGUE Online league.

Never tell me the odds: Acquire a Numbered Player in MyTEAM.

Infinity: Collect one of each Gem Color Player Card in MyTEAM.

G.O.A.T: Reach G.O.A.T. Collector Level in MyTEAM.

Double Trouble: Play a game with two players who form a duo in MyTEAM.

More Work?: Complete 3 Daily Trials in a single day in MyTEAM.

Great kid, Don’t get cocky: Defeat a division in Triple Threat in MyTEAM.

My precious: Acquire a Signature Player in MyTEAM.

Puts the fly in on-the-fly: Modify a team using the Lineup menu in MyLEAGUE.

We need some stinking badges: Use the Mentor / Mentee system to help a player learn a badge in MyLEAGUE.

No ‘I’ in Team: Join or Own a 2K Pro-Am Team.

On the rise: Win as a member of a Pro-Level or higher 2K Pro-Am team

Didn’t mean no harm, George: The leak was ousted before the scouting report was revealed in MyGM. (Secret)

Money, whenever you need it: Tested out the jerseys with the street ballers in MyGM. (Secret)

The 5 D’s: Win a round of Dodgeball in the Neighborhood in MyCAREER.

Grindin’ Away: Achieve an overall rating of 90 in MyCAREER.

You been working out?: Use every piece of gym equipment in MyCAREER.

You do know Jack: Correctly answer a trivia question in the Neighborhood in MyCAREER.

Badge of Honor: Earn a badge in MyCAREER.

My Every Day Player: Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER.

Locked In: Earn a Call-Up after winning a ‘Player Control’ game in Play Now Online

My All-Star: Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER.

Puttin’ in work: Complete a full-team practice in MyCAREER.

Green Light: Get 5 Green Release makes in a single game.

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