Need For Speed Payback Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Need for Speed Payback.

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Need For Speed Payback Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Need for Speed Payback


Ghost Games

PS4, PC, Xbox One


Release Date:November 7, 2017

Need for Speed Payback is the latest in a long series of racing games out of Ghost Games. First revealed with a trailer at E3 2017 on June 2nd, 2017, the game is another entry in the series taking place in an open world environment. Ghost Games developed the title, the studio first took over the franchise with 2013’s Need for Speed Rivals. The game  focuses on bringing a Fast and the Furious style narrative, to give players a compelling story and keep players in the action. Need for Speed Payback launched on November 7 2017 to a mixed critical reception.

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The next entry in the Need for Speed series was first teased on May 10th, 2016 within the video series “Under The Hood” on the official Need for Speed website. Episode #7: Taking Stock revealed the end of content updates for the previous game, Need for Speed (2015) and that the feedback from the 2015 entry would be taken into consideration for the 2017 game.

Aside from a handful of teases like a trademark for Need for Speed: Arena appearing in November 2016, the game was quietly developed at its British based studio, Ghost Games until EA’s quarterly earnings call in January 2017 suggested that the new Need for Speed game was launching within the coming fiscal year 2018, and stating that the extended development cycle was allowing the team to push boundaries. The publisher would next tease the title being involved in their EA Play 2017 showcase, held around E3, where participants first got to try a work in progress build.

Just before that event in June 2017, another Under The Hood blog outlined some of the elements Ghost Games would focus on and what they learned from feedback of the previous game. Customization was cited as a core part of the Need for Speed experience, and that customization would have a strong focus in the game. The removal of the always online focus from the previous game was also confirmed, allowing players to play the game from beginning to end, completely offline and with the ability to pause.


Need for Speed Payback (11)

The single player career was designed to be reminiscent of “The Fast and the Furious” franchise , taking place in the fictional Fortune Valley and following the three playable character team of Tyler “Ty” Morgan, Sean “Mac” McAlister and Jessica “Jess” Miller as they seek revenge against Lina Navarro, who double crossed Ty, and take down a cartel. The cartel, known only as The House has a grip across the city, criminals and even law enforcement.

Each member of the crew has their own traits and missions they undertake as they bring down The House. The central group, The Crew plans different ways to disrupt and destroy the operations of The House across Fortune Valley, ultimately hoping to make it to and win the underground street race known as the Outlaw’s Rush, an impossible race that winning will deal a crippling blow to The House.

Ghost Games developed the story of Need for Speed Payback to appeal to fans and deliver a compelling story. To this end, Ghose Games dropped the full-motion video cutscenes to go in-engine, allowing faster load times and keeping players within the world of the game. The three heroes will banter back and forth during the game, setting a tone somewhat similar to movies like “The Fast and the Furious.”


Need for Speed Payback (4)

Much like previous recent games in the series, Need for Speed Payback is an open world racing game with many different objectives to pursue, and rewards to earn for doing them. The game can be played in either Single Player or Multiplayer, with different events flexing different skills. Skilled players can string together advance driving manoeuvres, earning more rep and multipliers (known as Heaters) during the chain.

Different kinds of events can be unique to a specific playable character, for example Tyler is the racer and handles most of those events. Jess transports packages and VIPs, while Mac handles drifting and off-road races. There are occasions where all three will play a part in a larger mission. Each event shows an ideal performance rating for the mission as well as offering a chance to swap vehicles before the mission begins.

Winning events can hold other rewards besides cash, such as Speed Cards rewarded for winning events offering players a random selection of performance parts, or vanity items. Shipments, the game’s name for everybody’s favourite, Loot boxes, contains a selection of these Speed Cards that can be earned through gameplay or purchased for real world money.

Additionally, in classic Need for Speed fashion, causing trouble will trigger the police to intervene and pursue the player through different heat levels, and as the heat levels rise the police will use harsher tactics to shut down your run, from spike strips to Rhino trucks.


The two main factions in Need for Speed Payback are The Crew, which are the player controlled characters, and the antagonists, the cartel running Fortune Valley, The House. Lina Navarro is the major player you’ll interact with from The House and has deep personal ties to the player controlled cast.

Tyler Morgan, known as Ty to his friends, was interested in cars his entire life, and was known as a talented mechanic even during his childhood in The Barrio. When Ty is set up for a fall by his childhood friend so she can curry favour with The House, he swears revenge and eventually forms The Crew so they can win the Outlaw’s Rush to bring down the cartel controlling everything in Fortune Valley. The Crew’s Street Racer, Ty is the main driving force behind the story, pun not intended.

Jessica “Jess” Miller came from Fortune Vally, with her family having deep ties to The House. Uncomfortable with this, she rebelled against her parents, even spending some time at the Fortune Vally Police Academy before she was kicked out. The young woman works as the runner of the group, able to evade any police chase and keep a low profile. She tries to use those skills to keep the crew safe, against the best efforts of Ty and his revenge plans.

Sean McAlister is the heart of the team, who’s positive outlook helps the team keep moving forward when things seem their bleakest. He got mixed up in the wrong crowd back home in London, and escaped to Silver Rock America to try for a clean break. Didn’t quite work and he missed the thrill, leaving him along for Ty’s wild ride. He’s The Crew’s off road and drifting expert, known far and wide for his crazy control of his vehicles.

Standing against this trio is The House, and the main antagonist the players will interact with is Lina Navarro, Ty’s childhood friend and one of the most respected and feared technical drivers in Fortune Valley. Where Ty finds his humble beginnings in The Barrio, Lina is determined to rise above her ghetto start at any cost, even betraying her childhood friend. She was the one who set up Ty for his fall and kicks off the events of the game.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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