New GTA 5 Mod Lets You Explore The Insides of Locked Buildings

PC gamers do what Rockstar won’t.

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A game like GTA 5 is a literal sandbox- you get this massive, dense, populated world, and the freedom to do almost anything you want, go anywhere you want, any time you want. And the best part is, the things in the world respond to you and your actions. It’s great, and liberating.

There are some boundaries to this freedom, however, and they can often serve as immersion breakers, or a reminder that there are limits to the sandbox. One of these has always been the buildings- indeed, the GTA series has never let players explore all, or even most, of the buildings that dot its urban landscapes. The same was also true of GTA5- but you can trust PC gamers, who are a crafty bunch, to get around that.

Youtuber Newtheft recently posted a video showing off the Open All Interiors mod, which opens up every interior in the game. The remarkable thing is, the buildings seem to be complete, with functioning doors and even people inside, which does make you wonder the reason for them not being accessible to the player in the first place.

The full list of the new locations the mod opens up is:

  1. LifeInvader offices
  2. Tequi-la-la
  3. Sandy Shores sheriff department
  4. Paleto Bay sheriff department
  5. Lazlow’s stadium
  6. Cluckin Bell factory
  7. Bahamas Mamas West nightclub (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
  8. Comedy club (you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
  9. The O’Neil farmhouse
  10. The “Humane Labs”
  11. FIB building bottom floors
  12. FIB building floor 49 (access through first elevator)
  13. FIB building burnt out floors 47 – 53 (access through second elevator)
  14. Hospital
  15. Epsilon storage room
  16. Lester’s sweatshop
  17. Jewellery store
  18. Building under construction beside jewellery store
  19. Lester’s house
  20. Franklin’s aunt’s house
  21. Janitor’s apartment
  22. Foundry
  23. Recycling plant
  24. Meat packing facility
  25. Simeon’s dealership
  26. Torture building
  27. Morgue (so you teleport in by standing at the front doors)
  28. Madrazo’s ranch (doors open, but R* put an invisible wall there :\ )
  29. Floyd’s house
  30. Devin Weston’s chop shop
  31. Omega’s lab
  32. Paleto Bay bank

In addition, it adds elevators to get you into the top floors of the FIB building and markers to help you find all of the explorable interiors. Essentially, if you are planning on exploring the vast world of Los Santos at all, then this mod is indispensable (and a reminder of why the PC version of GTA5 is, indeed, the best one).

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