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We have got juicy new details via Neogaf on Mass Effect 3. Check them out below.

New Confirmed Characters:

  • -Tali: Has unfinished business with Shepard.
  • -Jack: Had a character redesign. Was a popular romance option.

Confirmed Part of Squad:

  • -Liara
  • -Garrus
  • -Kaiden/Ashley (Has achieved Spectre status)
  • -James Sanders


  • -Admiral Anderson
  • -EDI
  • -Joker
  • -The Illusive Man
  • -Mordin (The plot dictates that he stays close to Shepard)
  • -Legion
  • (And, from Game Informer earlier, Wrex)

Confirmed Locations:

  • -Salarian Homeworld Sur’Kesh
  • Description: A peaceful world. Very tropical, with palm trees, waterfalls. The Salarians live near a Volcanic crater. From top to bottom you’ll see the houses they live in. You will visit Sur’Kesh earlier in the game.
  • -Quarian Homeworld Rannoch (The Geth Occupied One)
  • Description: A desert with huge pyramid structures.
  • -Mars (A human-mining operation)
  • -A human mega city that formed when Vancouver and Seattle merged.
  • Description: That’s where you’ll spend your time on Earth. So not London or New York like previously mentioned. Describes the planet: ‘It’s curved, futuristic buildings bathe in beautiful light as the sea laps into the waterfront and docks.’ They also saw the aftermath in which the Reapers decimate it.
  • -Palaven (


Space Battles:

  • -There will be a space battle when you visit the Turian homeworld. You’ll work together with the Turians to try and destroy a Reaper fleet.

Are you guys excited about these new features in Mass Effect 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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