Pokemon X/Y Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon, New Fairy Type

The Pokemon strike first, sans MewTwo sadly.

Posted By | On 11th, Jun. 2013 Under News

Satoru Iwata comes to us with the E3 edition of Nintendo Direct, and starts off with Pokemon X/Y, releasing on the Nintnedo 3DS from Game Freak. We get to see tons of new Pokemon, along with the new starters, alongside the new world and the new Fairy type Pokemon, which is strong against the Dragon type.

The first Fairy type was revealed as Sylveon who can use Moonblast to attack opponent and lower their attacks. Other new Pokemon include Noivern, a Flying and Dragon type that utilize Boomburst to attack several Pokemon, including its own allies because screw cooperation, and Vivillon, a Bug and Flying type that can use Struggle Bug to lower special attack.

Even more interestingly is a new function which allows one to feed Pokemon and generally cuddle them using the stylus. You can also speak out different commands to the Pokemon for different functions, effectively treating them like pets.

The graphics themselves are a huge step up from previous games, with Legendaries – of which two are spotted, one for each edition – utterly ripping apart Pokemon like Charizard.

Pokemon X/Y is slated to release in October 12th 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. Honestly, not a bad start at all, though a console edition of Pokemon would have been a far more significant announcement. Stay tuned for more.

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