NHL 19 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about NHL 19.

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NHL 19 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

EA Sports

EA Sports

Xbox One, PS4


Release Date:September 14, 2018

NHL 19 in a hockey sports simulation game developed and published by EA Sports, based on the NHL license. It will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


NHL 19 was announced in June 2018 for a September 2018 release on the PS4 and Xbox One. EA Sports confirmed that they didn’t have plans to make the game for PC or for the Nintendo Switch. EA Sports have made use of new technology for the development of NHL 19. They will have a new physics system for collisions, as well as new PBR lighting.


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Like most new EA Sports games, NHL 19 will make use of the Real Player Motion technology. Several different skaters were motion captured, and EA Sports have overhauled the animations to make them fluider, and more realistic and authentic. Movement in the game will place a heavy emphasis on both, size and skill, and animations will flow into each other better than in previous games. In addition, NHL 19 is also making use of a new physics system that reworks the in-game collisions. Hit tracking has also supposedly been improved.

The Franchise Mode in NHL 19 also overhauls scouting mechanics, which according to EA Sports is “deep enough to be its own management game”. Players will be able to assemble teams of twenty scouts in total, both pro and amateur. Different scouts will specialize in different skills and regions, and each of them will have thirty ratings that will affect the scouts’ abilities. Scouting of amateur players has also been reworked, while scouting now also involves Fog of War. Fog of War will see certain players’ skills, attributed and abilities being unknown during scouting, and to remove the Fog of War, players will have to send out their scouts to witness matches and learn more about said unknown attributes. Scouts will also assess the personalities of players, which will give information on how they might or might not affect the morale of your team.

One of the biggest additions NHL 19 brings about is the World of CHEL, which is being described by EA Sports as an evolution of the EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL), as a hub mode of sorts that consolidates all position-locked multiplayer modes, the progression that is tied to them, as well as customization of custom created players. NHL ONEs is a major part of World of CHEL. In this new game mode, three players will play against each other 1v1v1 free for all with no rules, limitations, and stoppages, and the matches will be held on outdoor ponds in four different locations. All three players will play against an AI controller goalie, and the player that scores the most goals within 3 minutes will win the game. NHL ONEs matches will also have a new announcer, music being played in the background during gameplay, and shifting and changing times of the day. Players are promoted higher with each win, and every day EA Sports will be crowning Daily Champions for the highest ranked player in ONEs.

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NHL THREEs also makes a return, and much its rendition in NHL 18, allows players to play in matches with no offsides and no icing on smaller sized rinks with faster paces matches. NHL THREEs will also have Drop-In capabilities, similar to EA Sports Hockey League, which allows players to play matches in casual gear and clothing, similar to NHL ONEs, with up to five other players online. NHL THREEs will now also focus solely on playing against NHL stars, which will also include NHL legends, such as Wayne Gretzky. Playing and winning more will award players with more experience, which they can use to win Hockey Bags, which will contain different gear.

In World of CHEL, players can now choose between a total of 15 classes for the player they choose to play as. Of these fifteen, 12 will be skater classes, while the remaining 3 will be for goalies. Player traits, attributes, and specializations will also be new factors that will allow for greater customization. Each player can have two traits that will give that player boost in certain categories. However, traits might also have drawbacks- for example, a trait that gives higher shot power might result in lower accuracy. Characters’ weights and heights will also have an impact on classes, attributes, traits, and specializations.

Players can create their own different loadouts, which will consist of player class, traits, and specializations. Multiple loadouts can be saved. Customization will also extend to cosmetic “lifestyle” items such as gear and clothing, which will include hoodies, jackets, parkas, knits, and more. There will be over 900 items that players can unlock and put to use. These items will be unlocked through progress made in all modes and progression in the entirety of World of CHEL.

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World of CHEL will not be entirely online. The new Pro-Am mode will serve as a starting off point and allow players to try and test their created characters and their loadouts in offline challenges, while also earning points and rewards that will contribute to the overall World of CHEL progression. These will be three versus three challenges that will become increasingly difficult, in which players will play with and against teams that are a mix of both current players and past players from West vs. East, North America vs. World, Alumni, and Dream Team rosters. In Pro-Am as well, players will be wearing casual gear similar to ONEs.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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