Nier Automata Cheats: Infinite XP, Unlimited Money And Level Up Faster

Brute force your way through the game.

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NieR Automata is now out- Platinum Games’ sequel to the cult hit is a finely tuned action RPG with each mechanic balanced to sing in harmony with all the others. So of course, what you really want to do when you play this game is to wreck all that balance up to be able to tip the scales and odds in your favor and be able to brute force your way through the game.

We don’t approve of this- but hey, we’re not judging. If that’s how you want to go about this, we’re here to help you. This guide helps gain more XP, consequently level up faster, and it also lets you get more money- three resources that are all very important in NieR Automata.

Unlimited XP:

Like with any RPG, XP is the primary currency via which your progress as a character is determined in NieR Automata. If you want to gain higher levels and be able to take on stronger enemies, you probably want more XP. The video below shows you the fastest way to reach the level cap.

Unlimited Money And Farming:

NieR makes it relatively harder to get money, which can be a bit of an issue when it comes to you getting the gear and items that you want. While the game is of course balanced around this economy, there is a way to be able to cheese and farm for money, as well as valuable items. The videos below walk you through this process.

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