Nintendo NX: 15 Games That Should Be Released On Nintendo’s Upcoming Console

With a terrible E3, is Nintendo headed down a bleak future, or can the recently announced NX save the day with these releases?

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Nintend recently announced their next home console is currently in the works. Code named NX, very little is known about it. This gaming generation and last, Nintendo set out to prove that innovation over graphics were a huge part of an untapped success. And with the Wii, they proved that theory true by coming out of that generation as the leading home console in sales. Wii U, however, is a different story. Whacky controls, touch capabilities, and other different gimmicks have yet to sway consumers to embrace Wii U on the same scale as the Wii.Will Nintendo’s next system go back to its roots and try to be the graphics king once more? Possibly set for a release in the next two years, only time can tell how far Nintendo will dare to push the boundaries this time.

After coming off of E3 with very little that interested gamers around the world for Wii U and 3DS, it would be interesting to speculate what games would be awesome to launch, or, at least, arrive at some point on the next generation Nintendo NX. Here is out list of 15 games we would like to see released on Nintendo’s next console. But if they’d like to release any of these now, be our guest, Nintendo!

Golden Sun

Where would we be without Golden Sun for Nintendo DS? Considered a groundbreaking JRPG for its time, Golden Sun brought us a band of Adepts trying to protect the world of Weyard from a horrible power. With Psynergy abilities, Adepts ventured throughout many lands fighting off monsters and epic boss battles and learn a passion for their beloved planet. Two sequels were released not long after (one for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS) the original, and also received high praise. A natural evolution of Golden Sun to come to full 3D on NX makes so much sense.

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