Off-screen 4k resolution footage of Gran Turismo 5 is impressive

Glorious 2160p

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Sony Japan is letting players play a very special demo of Gran Turismo 5. This demo runs on a resolution of 4000 pixels (horizontally), i.e., 3840×2160, or 2160p. For those of you who don’t quite understand what this means, that’s twice as much resolution as what PS3 games run on natively

The video above does look really impressive, despite the fact that it’s been taken off-screen.

NeoGAF user spats was lucky enough to get his hands on the demo. He wrote: “I attended the ‘Dramatic 4K experience’ at the Sony building yesterday and got to play the Gran Turismo 4K demo, too. I was left really impressed by the whole thing, but there were a few small technical things I noticed: mainly tearing and pop in.”

“The screen tearing wasn’t the same type you have in GT5,” he continued, “but it would tear both horizontally and vertically in the centre, basically creating seams that split the view into four smaller screens. It was pretty minor but it was there.

“Then I don’t remember if the spectators actually popped in or out on Eiger Nordwand (I don’t think they did) but in the 4K demo a fair amount of them disappeared when you drove close enough to them. There seemed to be be some new or custom UI too.”

He clarified that his impressions were not negative, but that he was actually impressed with what he saw and played: “I’m giving off a negative impression, but it really was absolutely stunning. The tunnel section in Eiger running at a 4K resolution and 60FPS was some next level stuff.”


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