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Let me get this out of the way first. Order Up!! To Go  is available for free. It’s always tough to review the free games, because I feel like it is sort of pointless scoring them, because they’re well, free. Order Up is a cooking simulator released for the iOS by Supervillian Studios and is, dare I say, quite good as well.

Ever wanted to work at Mc Donalds to make some part time cash? Or ever wanted to see how it is like working for it? Well, this game comes close, and is quite addictive as well. It features voice acting and a great plethora of sound effects that really immerses you in this game.

For a free game I am surprised at how much depth it has. There is a lot of content here, and sometimes it can really suck you in and keep engaged in the various activities that is available for you to keep the restaurant business up and running.

When you start the game, you are given a tutorial on how to cook fast food efficiently. It involves a lot of on-screen touch commands, which is quite responsive and easy to execute. You will fry a lot of things here, but you have to make sure it’s well cooked and not burnt, as the customer will not appreciate the latter. There are so many mechanics at play here – which includes, preparing proper food, delivering in time, buying items using the money you earn and managing day-to-day business.

You can unlock different restaurants once you finish the current objectives satisfactorily or earn enough money. Or you can just use real-world money to buy them, but I wouldn’t recommend that. The recipes available to you are simple in the begining but they get varied and interesting later, which also makes the game a lot of fun to play. Cutting vegetables or filling up a glass with drink can be fun as well, who would have thought?

The controls are really good and sometimes you have to multitask and cook plenty of different things together. You can cycle between them by swiping horizontally, and sometimes it can get confusing resulting in something getting burnt up. Once you get the hang of how to cook different food, you become more efficient at it and can whip up a meal a lot quicker than before. There is something really addictive about this game. Frying a bunch of French Fries really makes me hungry to the point of buying it. I guess it has to do with the good sound effects. The “crispy sound” of something getting fried is amazing.

There are also different things like keeping your restaurant clean or you may face adverse side effects. Sometimes a health inspector will visit, so you have to please him. As I mentioned before the depth of this game is simply phenomenal.

I cannot really criticise this game much, as it succeeds in what it wants to accomplish. The game is available for free, so that’s a huge positive considering the game is filled with content and is quite fun to play. Order Up can provide you with hours of entertainment if you want learn what it takes to be an accomplish cook, especially where time and quality is crucial.

This game was reviewed on the iPad 2.


Is free. Has a lot of depth. Responsive controls.


Can get a little repetitive.

Final Verdict

Order Up can provide you with hours of entertainment if you want learn what it takes to be an accomplish cook, especially where time and quality is crucial.

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