Painkiller HD Dev: Ending Wasn’t An Accident, Emphasis Was on Extra Features Than Recreating Original

Development Director Wojciech Pazdur talks about the shortcomings of the game, and a possible sequel.

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Whether you enjoyed the original Painkiller or not, chances are you might be a bit soured on Painkiller: Hell and Damnation. Regardless, the game is still a solid experience and throwback to the old-school style of gaming. We recently spoke to Wojciech Pazdur, Development Director at The Farm 51 on whether there would be a proper sequel featuring the Four Horsemen as antagonists, or expansions like the original had.

Pazdur stated that, “It’s not a good time to reveal details of an upcoming project just yet, but the ending wasn’t implemented by accident. Again, the beauty of the Painkiller universe is its incredible flexibility i.e. we can pretty much expand it in all directions, like deeper into Hell, the ‘real’ world, heaven or continue in purgatory…time will tell.”

Painkiller Hell and Damnation (13)

So we can at least conclude that something is in the works for Painkiller. Fair enough, but what about problems with the present one like the short campaign and multiplayer?

“Well, players have the right to expect a lot of cool stuff for their money. It’s just a matter of what makes sense to deliver when you can’t make all you want. It was not an easy decision on what direction to take, but after a couple of brainstorms we were all sure that it’s better to focus on extra value.

“This was to be generated by cooperative mode, survival multiplayer and strongly enhanced visuals on a smaller amount of levels, rather than to re-create the whole game that looks and plays exactly like the original. We laid the foundation with PKHD, and now we’re adding more and more new features and elements to remaining levels and modes.

“Besides regular updates, we will give out the mod-kit for PC, provide regular updates on the gameplay, and add more content to the game.”

So don’t worry – there’s still more to come for those who felt short-changed.

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