Payday 2 Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Payday 2

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Payday 2 Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game

Payday 2

505 Games

Overkill Software

Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Genre:First Person shooter

Release Date:PC: 13th August 2013, PS3 and Xbox 360 - NA: 13 August 2013, EU: 16 August 2013, PS4 and Xbox One - NA: 16 June 2015, EU: 12 June 2015

PayDay 2 is a first person shooter crime simulator that encourages cooperative play. The game was developed by Overkill software and was released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC where, to this day, it maintains an active community and still gets DLC updates.

The game was published by 505 Games who launched the game in August of 2013 at retail and via digital download.

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Payday 2 was first announced in February 2013 and was later revealed in March of the same year. It was also announced that the  developer’s main company Starbreeze Studios’ will partner with 505 Games. Payday 2 was going to be a digital only release but the developers saw that the game became too big to release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and decided to keep it a fully-featured disc-based game.

Compared to the original, the game will be improved on many levels. Starbreeze Studios studio’s boss Mikael Nermark stated in an interview, “They will still continue to grow the first Payday, to enhance that experience, and move to the sequel,” he said. “They’re doing great stuff, and I’m not going to change that in any way. We’re going to give them the creative freedom to do what they’ve done so well,” he said. We’re broadening our portfolio. With this acquisition we will also be stronger in the eyes of a publisher. It’s one part of what we want to do. It’s an interesting game. It’s a different kind of game. I think people will be surprised that Starbreeze is doing this game.” [reference]


The game involves the player and their team accomplishing bank heists and various other robberies.


PayDay 2 (1)
Payday 2 is a robbery simulator. The developers completely revamped the gameplay from the original Payday, cramming in a whole lot of fresh content and new features for the player. In Payday 2 players will have access to 35 maps and in addition it would also include more missions in the original game. A fresh skill and class-based system has been added so that players will also have more control over the way they play the game.

The developers also made sure that the player would never play the same mission twice. For example; the camera’s location can change every time the same level is loaded, Police and other law enforcement officials will try different tactics to take you down every time. The getaway van might not be present every time, which will encourage players to adapt and think on their feet. Payday has long missions, but also has missions where the player can finish a job in 5 minutes. The game will also feature customization, and class system for The Mastermind, Technician, Enforcer, and Ghost each with their own set of perks. The developer also mentioned that if you are really skilled you could go could go through a major chunk of a mission using stealth.

Limited Edition

Companies 505 games and Overkill have special pre-order deals for Payday 2. The PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers who get the pre-order deals will have the Lootbag DLC which includes a military-grade red dot weapon targeting sight for use on rifles and shotguns, in-game cash, and also a mask which will come in red and black color a skull mask and also a mask with the word “I Love Overkill!” inscribed on it.

Steam users on the other hand have two separate deals – one includes the game with the Lootbag DLC, and the other is the Career Criminal Edition which also includes the Loot bag DLC, but will also include the original soundtrack for the game, and two beta keys which you can share with a friend, it will also include in-game discounts, blueprints to every heist location and Bain’s Guide To The Criminal Underworld.

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