Persona 5 Royal Guide – All Answers for General Questions and Exams

Pump up that Knowledge stat with these easy answers.

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Persona 5 Royal

Taking tests may seem like a drag in Persona 5 Royal but it’s key to increasing one’s Knowledge stat. Like other Social Stats, increasing Knowledge is necessary for making certain Confidants available and ranking up with them. Knowledge can be increased by scoring well on exams, studying and paying attention during class.

Of course, it can be a drag having to deal with it all like a regular student, so here are all the answers for questions asked in classroom, exams and so on.

In April, the answers and question dates are as follows: Villains (12th), They’re the same (19th), All of them (23rd), “You unquestionably support it” and “You have a duty to correct it” (25th), Four color theorem (27th), Wonder, Child and Prodigy (30th).

Next up is May: Fatal woman (7th), The Heian period (10th), Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Minamoto no Yoritomo, Yoritomo won, The weak (11th), Cognition, both (12th), The Devil’s Dictionary, Femme Fatale (13th), The Placebo Effect (16th), Katsushika Hokusai (19th), 1:1.414 (21st), Together, Senses, Senses coming together (23rd), Arthur Conan Doyle (26th), John Silver (31st).

Moving on to June, the answers along with the specific dates of their questions are: The halo effect (4th), The number of legs (7th), Controlling public thought (9th), Green (13th), Coins (15th), Smartphone (20th), A Pope (23rd), Dogs (27th), Gold (29th).

July’s answers and respective question dates as follows: Barbarian’s Head (1st), Julius and Augustus (4th), The Milky Way, Traditional food, Soumen’s Noodles (7th), A triangle (9th), Memories that last a long time, Infinite, Forever (11th), Thievery (12th), 64 degrees, Zhuge Liang, Barbarians’ heads, To offer them instead of heads (13th), Red King Crab, It caused confusion in the economy (14th), Raining cats and dogs, Demon guts (15th).

Next we have September: Prosperity (3rd), Chronostasis (6th), Money loans for collateral (14th), Cats eating human tongues (17th), Central Europe (21st), 20 white, 12 black (24th), Phantom, Vibration, Syndrome (28th), Imperial Household Agency (29th).

October is when exams roll around again. General answers and their dates are: Stars (3rd), Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (6th), Bouba (11th), 15th (22nd), Memory Bias (24th). For exams, the answers are: 32 surfaces, It used to be one color, Black and white picture (17th), Charles-Henri Sanson, It’s a hereditary profession (18th), Slave labor, 3 bees in all of Europe (19th).

November is up next. The answers and their dates are: A share of stolen goods (2nd), A sword (4th), Any age (8th), Crow eyes are hard to see (10th), Because the voice is synthetic (12th), Because of high altitude (14th), His head was put on display (15th), Cochleoid (17th).

December sees you going straight into exams. The answers are: D, Over one billion yen, having his head displayed, Public performance (20th), Hearts, Attend (21st), Japan, Dreadnought (22nd).

The New Year brings new questions. In January, the answers and their respective dates are: How numerous they are, The Eight Million Gods (11th), Iwate (14th), Impressive (18th), A snake (21st), Kindhearted, Negative, Resentful (24th), To friends of friends of friends (27th).

And you’re done! Easy, right? Check out our review for Persona 5 Royal for more details on the game.

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