PS4 Game Development To be Easier Than PS3 – Report

It wont be a ‘pain in the ass’.

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It is a well known fact that regardless of how powerful the PlayStation 3 is, it is difficult to develop for. Various developers like Vigil Games have famously said that it is a pain in the ass to develop for, citing memory as the biggest culprit. There is no doubt that many other developers have had similar issues with developing games on the PlayStation 3, while others like Naughty Dog have taken advantage of the raw processing power behind the black beauty.

Given that the PlayStation 3 has a architecture that is difficult to understand, Sony had no option but to simplify the process to something that is well known and understandable. And according to reports that is what they are doing.

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Vigil Games ‘famously’ believed that developing games on the PS3 is a pain in the ass.

The research and development team have implemented an architecture that will make games easier to develop for. The architecture will be similar to PC games development which means developers will be able to harness the power of the PlayStation 4 easily. So I think there will be no need to wait two to three years for the developers to understand the structuring and memory management of the PlayStation 4. According to a report by Edge, this has led to goodwill among developers regarding games development.

This could also mean that Sony could possibly return to their glory days with the PlayStation 4 with more game studios supporting the console.

In my opinion, the PlayStation 3 was never fully pushed to the limits. Each and every year we saw developers pushing the PS3 and claiming that they maxed it to the limits. Hopefully this won’t happen with the PlayStation 4 and we will see more developers taking advantage of the raw processing power that PS3’s successor is rumored to have. Sony too have to take more responsibility in educating their first party and third party studios about what actually lies inside the case and how they can use it to develop exciting games.


PC type architecture means games that will be optimized to consume full power of the PS4.

With reports incoming that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox 720/Durango, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft does. Sony have already made their move and we all wait for the momentous moment i.e. February 20th. Are you ready? We certainly are.

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