PS4: List of All Recent Patents Filed By Sony And How They Interrelate With Rumors

Separating the facts from the noise.

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Next generation consoles are on their way. There are no two ways about that, but given how the rumor mill is running these days, it’s becoming pretty difficult to separate the facts from the noise. Throughout this article, we will list some of the recent patents that Sony have filed and how they interrelate with rumors.

Second Hand Games:

Rumor: There was a rumor not too long ago that Sony might be restricting second hand PlayStation 4 games. Michael Pachter believed that if the PS4 blocked second hand games, GameStop won’t stock their games.

Related Patent: Earlier in January, we had reported that Sony have filed a patent that will restrict second hand game sales if it is granted since the tech attempts to verify if a game has been used before on another console or not.

Probable conclusion: Sony might block usage of second hand PS4 games but in such a way that it is locked to a single console.

Wii U Style Controller:

Rumor: Today there was an interesting rumor that Sony will no longer be using DualShock controller but instead will go for biometric style controller.

Related Patent: Sony had patented the Wii U style controller way back in 2009. The patent somehow supports the rumor above.

Probable conclusion: Sony won’t just dump its DualShock controller since it is synonymous to the PlayStation brand. The said rumor seems accurate but most probably is an add on/accessory.

PS4 Controller/PS Move Dual Shock Hybrid:

Rumor: This one is from 2011. The rumor was that Sony will replace DualShock with Move for the PS4. Given how the Move doubles up as a navigation controller, many people believed that this will happen.

Related Patent: Sony filed a patent which possibly hints at a PS Move + Dualshock mashup in one controller that is actually separable and can break apart. You can read that report here.

Probably Conclusion: The patent calls the controller a “hybrid separable motion controller.” This may be the actual PS4 controller.

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