PS4 New Details: User Name, PS Store Access from UI, Dropping In and Out of Games And More

A swathe of new details for the console’s media and social capabilities has been revealed.

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We have some interesting new information about the user interface, social features and media capturing for Sony’s next generation console, the PS4.

First, it seems you can send friend requests using either your username or real name, which would explain the friend and name requests we’ve been seeing. The “Edit Username” function won’t be for your PSN ID – it will instead serve to change your local name.

It has also been indicated the UI, running with full images, backgrounds and music looks “f**king sweet” with 1080p, 60 frames per second video. You’ll also be able to drop in out of games very quickly, similar to the Vita’s speed.

However, the man is unaware about themes and personalization. Will you be having game pages with music playing like when you highlight the same on the PS3? Yes.

As far as the Start-up Screen goes, there is currently a blue background with the logo appearing on screen. You’ll then head to a log-in menu, which has been described as “quick, slick and simple…since the machines will a rarely be turned on from cold, Sony might not bother [to make a different one].” Check out the main interface to be used for selecting games below. Selecting “Overview” brings up more details like trophies, videos and such.

More social information: You can display your real name along with your PSN ID, and this will display above the latter. You can also choose any first and last name you want, with no need to link to Facebook or anything else for confirmation. It’s already known that you can keep names from being displayed altogether. But you can also just display your first name if you like. Press “Up” and you’ll be able to head to the XMB.

Pressing the PlayStation button will bring up the UI as seen in this video, while holding it allows you to adjust controller settings similar to changing music controls on the Vita after a long press.

Interestingly, Leaderboards will have the potential to support real name and PSN IDs together and has been described to be working well. As of now, nothing has been seen to indicate the amount of time you’ve spent on the game but it could be included later. What has been seen on the SDK it the ability to save any videos or screenshots locally and store the same on a USB stick. The PS4 will record gameplay at 720p but this may not be the final resolution when the console rolls out. The same goes for screenshots at 1080p.

Another dev confirmed the same resolutions for DVR and video capture, and also stated that DVR is 30 frames per second which could again change later. He also stated that the PS Store is integrated in the UI and there’s no app for the same. So rejoice, for now you can have access to the store at all times. The dev also revealed that, “You can use the PS camera to stream a picture in picture of yourself where you can live comment on your stream.”

The PlayStation 4 is currently set to launch on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe.

Source: NeoGAF user [who is a confirmed PlayStation 4 developer], via: (Reddit)

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