Quantic Dream’s Next PS3 Game: 10 Things We Want To See

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Quantic Dream are a very talented game developer team situated in France and have been behind a number of classics like Fahrenheit and last year’s Heavy Rain.

It’s a well know fact that Quantic Dream are working on a new PlayStation 3 game and is rumoured to be called Fiv5 if certain domain registrations are to be believed. David Cage, the boss of Quantic Dream has himself confirmed that they are working on a new game that will be inspired by things that they learnt from Heavy Rain. The new game promises to be darker and will obviously be targeted towards adults.

Unfortunately other than that we have zero information about what that game will be about. So we at GamingBolt put on our thinking caps and debated on ten of the most wanted gameplay features that we want in the next Quantic Dream’s PS3 Game.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

World Class Motion Capture Technology

Heavy Rain had amazing motion capture technology and at the time it was second to none. A few months back Rockstar’s critically acclaimed L.A. Noire bettered that with a new mo-cap  technology with amazing realism. The developers at Quantic Dream need to work on something similar or even a better technology than what was present in L.A. Noire. Since Quantic Dream’s games are emotionally heavy, a new mo-cap tech will go a long way in making a game a grand success.

Better Downloadable Content Support

Heavy Rain as a package was excellent but it was bogged down by a below average downloadable content in the form of The Taxedermist.  As a gamer, my expectations are at an all time high, especially if I am going buy that DLC after completing the main game. Unfortunately that was not the case.  Maybe Quantic Dream can learn a lesson or two from Remedy Games about creating high quality downloadable episodes.

A Closely Gripped Story

Heavy Rain had an intriguing plot and it made sure that the player will be glued to their seats till the very end. But it had its shortcomings too.  *** spoiler start*** A very good example could be the opening scene where Ethan loses track of Jason whilst paying the balloon man. He could have easily taken care of his child rather than care about paying the balloon man money first *** spoiler end ***. Such points are easily noticeable and it really affects the story telling experience. The next game should have a closely gripped story with no loopholes in it.

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