Red Dead Online Guide: How To Get Bow, Arrow, Respawning Health Cures, And Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map

Finding some essentials in Red Dead Online.

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Red Dead Online is the online component to Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s got a lot of nuance to it. It’s basically like an entirely different game, included with Red Dead Redemption 2. If you play Online, you’ll want your hands on some cool weapons, ways to manage health, and some good loot. We deal with some of that in this guide.


If you’re only looting bodies, you might find health cures hard to come by, and there’s a reason for that—they’re often hidden away on shelves and in drawers and cupboards in buildings. Make sure to loot those.

A free health cure can also be found in the Medical Car at the back of the train in the mission Kerosene, Tar, and Greed. Do note that you need to be dishonourable to be able to play this mission (but once you have, you can replay it as often as you want, and farm health cures that way).


I’ll be blunt: you can’t get it without buying it. Simple.

To buy it, you need:

  • To be Rank 10
  • $125 (so you can buy it from the Gunsmith)


Once you reach Rank 10, you get the Treasure Map from the Post Office. Follow it to the Yellow Circle, then go to these three locations to search for the chest specifically (using Eagle Eye will highlight it):

  • On the shore of the island in the river, find a fallen tree next to some rocks. The chest may be below the rocks.
  • Go straight west of Flatneck Station. When you encounter a rocky region, find the tilted rock. The chest may be under it.
  • Find the cliff towards North of the tracks. The chest may be located here.

Alternatively, you can use the video below to check out where you can find it.

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