Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Mega Guide – Cheat Codes, 7 Sin Weapons, Collectibles

A complete guide for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

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Using this guide for Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, you will be able to find all collectibles in the game, unlock the seven sin weapons, find ways to level up quickly, earn clusters to unlock abilities and skills, earn experience points and make money faster. Furthermore, we also take a look at some of the cheat codes that the game has to offer along with PC specific fixes for errors and crashes.

Tacos Malos Drive Thru Collectibles Locations Guide:

There are many collectibles You will find all three Tacos Malos on your map should you enable the Visit All Three Tacos Malos quest in your quest log. Placing an order on each of them will unlock weapon parts. Unlocking all weapon parts will unlock the Last Supper weapon.

Other Collectibles:

There are many collectibles in the game. One of the basic collectibles are the Soul clusters. The blue ones can be used to increase your Arcane. However there is another variation that is of purplish color which will give rise to more clusters once the player touches it. Important point to note here is that these are timed that means you have to collect them within a limited time period. If you miss any one of them, you will have to redo the process. Make sure you collect both types of clusters as this will help you unlock all abilities and skills.

The other type of collectible is commentary. These are littered around the map and can be easily collected. You just need to press the corresponding prompt on the screen to collect them.

Later in the game you will collect something called as Glyphs. These can be found on the map much later in the game and if you find all three of them, you will be able to open chests.

In order to find all collectibles, make sure you have level 15. Thereafter go to Abilities and get the Collectible Finder skill which will cost you $10,000 in game money. What it does? It will highlight every collectible in the game. All treasure chests, hidden weapons, orbs and everything will now display on the in-game map.

Earning XP (Experience Points)/Levelling Up Quickly/ Earning Money:

There is no easy way to level up and earn money. The Quest Log is your best guide to level up. Complete all the tasks in the quest log. This is the easiest and the toughest way to level up quickly and earn more money in the game.

Unlocking The 7 Sin Weapons:

We wrote about finding the Glyphs collectibles so make sure you have the Collectible Finder skill so that these are showcased on your map.  The Glyphs will be unlocked after you have completed side Blackbeard’s missions. In each sector you will find three Glyphs. You would need 3 of them to unlock a hidden chest. The chest contains of the 7 Sins Weapons.

The 7 Sin Weapons are:

Gallows Dodger – You will come across Dex randomly. Dex will be marked on your map as a red target. Kill him 7 times to unlock this weapon.

Uriel’s Edge – You need to convert all five Marshaling Ground. The player will then need to go to the 6th port to find the sword.

Last Supper – Refer Tacos Malos Drive Thru Collectibles Locations Guide above to know how you can unlock this weapon.

Armchair A Geddon – You will find this in the north west section. Once you reach there, fly over the the roof of a building. You will find it there.

Diamond Sting – You can get it for $100,000 from the beginning of the game. This gun will generate bonus money whenever you kill enemies.

Boom Chicka – Find the Glyphs to unlock this. Should be easily doable if you have the Collectible Finder skill.

Cheat Codes (Thanks To CheatCC For The Codes):

All Unlockables: unlockitall
Give Cash ($100,000): cheese
All Weapons: letsrock
Vehicle No Damage: vroom
Repair current vehicle: repaircar
Clear Notoriety: goodygoody
Infinite Sprint: runfast
Big Head mode: bigheadmode
Evil Cars: evilcars
Fast Forward (time speeds up): fastforward
Golden Gun (one-hit kills): goldengun
Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air): fryhole
Insane City: insanecity
Rated M++ (everyone killed explodes into blood): notrated
Vehicle Smash (smash vehicles easily): isquishyou
Overcast skies: overcast
Light rain: lightrain
Heavy rain: heavyrain
Clear skies: clearskies

PC Specific Errors:

Crashes during loading: Go to your installation directory and find Display.ini file. Open it in any file editor and change Letterboxfinity’s value to False.

FOV fix: Download Saint Row III FOV Mod and rename the game.exe file to SaintRowIV.exe

Error Code 41: Steam servers are too busy. Make sure you go offline to play the game.

Game won’t Start Up: When you try launching the game on Steam, you are stuck with ‘Preparing to launch Saints Row: Gat out of Hell’ message. Make sure you are not using Saints Row IV DLC hair to your character. If that does not work try and launch the game in windowed mode.

This guide will be updated once we have more information on the game.

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