Sea of Thieves Complete Guide: Character Customization, Voyages, Trading Companies, Animal Locations, And More

A complete guide for Sea of Thieves

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One of the great things about Sea of Thieves is the sheer amount of content availble to explore at your own pace. The game offers lots of ways to keep yourself occupied while out in the seas from battling a Kraken to looking for treasure. This is a game that’s best experienced with a band of friends with whom you can explore the game’s open seas.

There is a lot of content in this game and if you’re looking for any information regarding voyages, character customization, treasure maps or anything else, then this guide is here to help you out! If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


Unlike many other games of this kind, Sea of Thieves does not offer a character creation menu. Instead, you’ll have to go with a random looking character whom you can then customize by buying items from the General Clothing Store. Basically, you can buy vanity items from the store which includes things like hair color, facial hair, clothes, and more. Once you buy these items, you can’t just change the character’s appearance right away. Instead, you’ll have to use the chest to change your character’s appearance.

As of now, this feature does not seem fully functional in the game, but hopefully, Rare will address the problem soon and players will be able to make their pirate look however they want.


Voyages serves as quests in this game and provide a way to earn gold as well as to increase your reputation. Going on voyages is the main means of progression in this game. You can take up voyages from different vendors from the different Trading Companies and each of these vendors offer up unique types of voyages. The first of these vendors is the Gold Hoarder who will grant voyages which task you with bringing back treasure chests. Next, the Order of Souls vendor will task you with bringing back skulls. Finally, the Merchant Alliance vendor will task you with bringing back some livestock. Although these are the basic types of voyages these vendors offer, they will become more complex in nature as you go on more advanced voyages.

Once you’ve found a voyage which seems interesting to you, head to the Voyage Table and select the particular voyage. If your crew members vote to go on this Voyage, then the quest will begin.


Once a Voyage has been chosen, you’ll unlock a map which is required to complete the quest. The map will mark your destination but it’s not as easy as that. You need to first find the location on your large map table to figure out which direction to set sail in. Once you’ve figured out the direction, all you need  to do is set sail but remember to refer to the map if you’re ever feeling lost.


To get a treasure map, you first need to purchase the appropriate voyage from a Gold Hoarder. Once a voyage is selected, you’ll have to follow the clues and solve riddles to get closer to finding the chest. Once you’ve finally found the location of the treasure chest, you just need to dig it up and then take it back to the Gold Hoarder. be careful on your return journey though as there will be other pirate players looking to make off with your treasure chest.


You need to learn to use cannons so as to successfully defeat enemy ships in battle. Every ship comes with some cannon balls but there are limited in number. You can replenish your stock at any outpost, so make sure you do so. These cannon balls can be found in red barrels. You just need to interact with these barrels, take them up to a cannon, and then load the cannon ball and then fire!Have fun firing cannon balls and laying enemy ships to waste!


One problem you may face when off on a strange island looking for treasure is that you may forget where you’ve left your ship. This could of course be disastrous but there’s an easy way to get back to your ship. Just look around for a glowing mermaid by the sea. If you talk to this mermaid, then you will automatically be sent back to the ship. However, keep in mind that when you use this method to get to the ship, you’ll lose any items you’re holding.


One of the most integral parts of this game are ships which  come in different types. You can either choose the larger Galleon which requires 3 or 4 people to handle it effectively. Additionally, you can also go with a Sloop if you want to sail in pairs or solo. When you’re on a sloop, remember to make use of the wind so as to sail effectively.

Remember to make sure you check your compass and map to see where you’re going when steering the ship. Remember to also lift the anchor before you set sail or your ship will not move. If you see an enemy ship, you will need to engage in combat by firing cannons at them. In general, aim below the water line of the ship as this will cause the enemy ship to flood. Additionally, you can also choose go over to the enemy ship on foot and then face your enemies head-on, but be careful and make sure you understand your chances of victory before doing so.

During a battle, your ship is bound to get damaged and you’re going to want to repair it. You just need to find the barrels with planks in the hull breaches. You just need to place these planks over the holes in your ship. Following this, make sure you get rid of any water inside by scooping up the water with a bucket.

Finally, you can also customize your ship’s appearance if you earn enough Gold. This can be used to give a distinct look to your ship and to make it stand out. You will be able to find a shop near the docks where you can customize your ship.


As of now, there are three Trading Companies in the game and they all offer unique quests for the player. At some time in the future, more factions may be added, but for now, each Trading Company offers specific types of quests so there’s always enough diverse things to do in the game.

You can read more about each of the Trading Companies below.

Gold Hoarders: These guys will give you treasure hunting quests. To get to the treasure, you will have to solve a series of clues and riddles. Once you find the location of the chest, you just need to dig it up and then get it back to the Gold Hoarders. There are a variety of different chests with some of these offering higher rewards. Carrying a chest of sorrow will cause some water to leak in your ship, so you’ll have to constantly use a bucket to get rid of this water.

Order of Souls: These guys usually task you with taking out some skeletons or even going up against a skeleton fort. They usually task you with getting back skulls since they have a way of extracting magic from these skulls. These quests may be sometimes easy or sometimes difficult. Beware of enemy skeletons as they can suddenly overwhelm you in an ambush.

Merchant Alliance: Most of these guys’ quests are different because they don’t require any combat. They usually require to get specific kinds of items back to them, usually different breeds of animals. There are two different kinds of pigs and three different types of chicken in the game so makes sure you get the correct type to earn your reward. The real challenge begins when trying to transport these animals on your ship as they get sick easily and may run out of oxygen. For this reason, you’ll have to constantly keep an eye on them to make sure they’re alright.


Finding the Kraken is a thing of luck more than anything, but there’s a higher chance for the Kraken to spawn if a larger number of players are gathered in an area. When the Kraken does spawn, you’ll know it immediately because the water will turn pitch black and you’ll soon see tentacles rise out of the water surrounding your ship.

You’ll have to take down the Kraken’s tentacles one by one to defeat it. Go for those tentacles which are near your ship as these are the ones causing damage to your ship. You should try shooting at the tentacles in any way possible, even with pistols. Also, be sure to repair your ship in the middle of battle as the Kraken can cause a lot of damage to your ship and it will not be able to withstand an entire battle against the Kraken if it isn’t being repaired.

Sometimes, using a tentacle which has a mouth attached, the Kraken may attack individual players. When this happens, make sure you all attack this tentacle so as to free your fellow player from the grips of the Kraken. Eventually. the Kraken will succumb to its wounds and you’ll receive an achievement. Hopefully, Rare will soon add some rewards for defeating the Kraken as well.


Riddle quests are similar to treasure hunts  and require you to solve riddles and figure out clues so as to find the treasure. There are multiple phases to these quests and you’ll have to solve one riddle at a time to slowly progress through the quest.

Some riddles may be easy while others may be much more difficult. There is no surefire way to solve any riddle. But in general, be sure to work and think together as a team. Sometimes you may have to walk a particular number of steps or interact with a certain object to solve the riddle. The answers to some riddles may also be based  on the time. For example, you may have to perform some particular action during a specific time.

You can check out the video below for more information on Riddle quests.


In this game, you have to buy quests from any of the three vendors from the different Trading Companies. Doing the quest will net you more money which you can then use to buy more quests, and so on. As you do more quests for a particular vendor, you will level up with that vendor which will grant you access to more complex quests with better rewards. Additionally, as you get to higher levels, you get access to some special items which grant a ton of benefits.

So basically all you have to do in the game to level up is to keep doing quests from the different vendors and get better gear. Once you’re at a high level, you can try to raid skeleton forts and do other such activities in your goal to become “Pirate Legend.”


When you take up voyages with the Merchant Alliance, you will be tasked with bringing back animals of various types. You will be required to bring back different types of pigs, snakes, or chicken. Remember to get chicken coops or animal crates so that you will be able to capture the animals you want to.

Below you can find where to find each of the different animals types.

Chicken: You’ll often be able to find chickens in a group. They run slow so they are quite easy to capture. They’re found  in the following locations: Chicken Isle, Barnacle Bay, Salty Sands, Wanderer’s Refuge, Shipwreck Bay, Marauder’s Arch, Twin Groves, Thieves Haven, Old Faithful Isle, Cannon Cove, Crook’s Hollow.

Snake: Snakes are tricky since they can attack you, so you’ll have to be careful when you’re trying to trap them. What you can do is have one crewmate play music as this seems to calm the snake, thereby giving you the opportunity to capture it. You can transport snakes in a basket. You can find snakes in the following places: Devil’s Ridge, Marauder’s Arch, Crooked Masts, Lone Cove, Picaroon Palms, Sunken Grove.


There are 60 achievements to be won in this game that will together earn you a total of 1000 points. See if you can get them all with a little help from this guide!

Bone-Cronch:Kill a skeleton while it’s ‘cronching’ on a banana.

A Titanic Ensemble:Give your ship a Captain’s send-off by playing a song aboard it while it sinks.

Dead Pirates DO Tell Tales:Use ‘Pirate Chat’ to communicate with another dead pirate while using the Ferry of the Damned.

Hold My Grog! :Launch yourself from a ship’s cannon onto another ship!

I Don’t See Your Ship:Play a role in the sinking of another crew’s ship.

Laden With Treasure: Have 20 chests in your crew’s possession… at the same time!

On a Whole New Adventure:Vote for and begin a voyage put forward by one of your crew.

You Can Always Trust The Untrustworthy:Cash in a stolen Captain’s chest.

When You’re a Professional Pirate:Unlock 10 Commendations.

Tactical Chunder:Throw vomit on an opposing pirate while they’re holding a sword.

Now Bring Me that Horizon:Set sail for the first time.

Full Billow:Sail with all sails fully with the wind.

Handbrake Turn:With the ship’s wheel fully turned in a direction, drop the anchor.

I Wanna be a Pirate! : Earn enough Reputation to go up a level in a Trading Company for the first time.

Shopping for a Promotion:Purchase your first Trading Company Promotion.

I’ll Drink to That! :Enjoy a tankard of Grog with another crew at an Outpost.

#BeMorePirate:Purchase a new Hook, Pegleg, Eyepatch, and Hat from the Clothing Shop.

Aye of Reach:Purchase a new Eye of Reach from the Weaponsmith.

Blundarrrrbuss:Purchase a new Blunderbuss from the Weaponsmith.

Colourful Sails:Purchase a new ship customisation from the Shipwright.

You Fight like a Merchant:Block an attack and then hit your opponent within 5 seconds.

How Appropriate! You fight like a Chicken: Have an attack blocked by an opponent, and then be hit by them within 5 seconds.

But Have You Heard of Me? :Purchase the Promotion at Reputation Level 25 in any Trading Company.

Self-Entitled: Own 10 Pirate titles.

In Good Company:Upgrade a Trading Company item to its maximum.

Did Everyone See That? :Heavy attack a member of another crew off of their ship.

Become Pirate Legend:Become ‘Pirate Legend’.

Ignoring the Rules of Engagement:Kill an opponent from behind with a Blunderbuss.

Kraken Good Job:You were victorious in a Kraken encounter and lived to tell the tale!

Perfect Dark:Sail through a storm with no lights during the night.

Friends Not Foe:Perform the ‘Pirate Salute’ gesture to befriend someone in-game.

Legends- “Cronch”:Eat a banana, skin and all.

Legends- “The Greatest Race in History”:Sail in the same direction as a nearby ship without firing shots at each other.

Legends- “This is Unacceptable!” :Either give a chest away to another crew or have it stolen from you, and then cashed in.

Legends- “The Skullduggers”:Play the same shanty with a band of 5 pirates.

It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me:Complete a Gold Hoarder voyage.

Master Gold Hoarder: Purchase the ‘Master Gold Hoarder’ Promotion in The Gold Hoarder Trading Company.

Taking Orders:Complete an Order of Souls voyage.

Master of the Order:Purchase the ‘Master of the Order’ Promotion in The Order of Souls Trading Company.

I Am Not Obsessed With Treasure:Complete a Merchant Alliance voyage.

Master Merchant:Purchase the ‘Master Merchant’ Promotion in The Merchants Alliance Trading Company.

Seeker of Lost Maps:Awarded the Commendation for purchasing 250 X Marks the Spot voyages.

Golden Voyager:Awarded the Commendation for 500 Gold Hoarder voyages completed!

Sailor of the Gold Horizon:Awarded the Commendation for having sailed 1,000 nautical miles on Gold Hoarder voyages!

Hoarder of Barnacled Gold:Awarded the Commendation for 1000 Shipwrecked Chests sold!

Keeper of a Glittering Hoard: Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Gold Hoarder voyages!

Hoarder of the Captain’s Gold:Awarded the Commendation for 1000 Captain’s Chests sold!

Merchant Adventurer:Awarded the Commendation for purchasing 250 Merchant Alliance contracts!

Merchant Voyager:Awarded the Commendation for 500 Merchant Alliance voyages completed!

Sailor of the Merchant Alliance:Awarded the Commendation for sailing 1,000 nautical miles on Merchant Alliance voyages!

Black Powder Merchant:Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Gunpowder Kegs delivered on time!

Merchant Forager:Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Banana Crates delivered on time!

Gilded Merchant:Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Merchant voyages!

Seeker of Lost Souls:Awarded the Commendation for purchasing 250 Cursed Captain Bounty contracts!

Voyager of Lost Souls:Awarded the Commendation for 500 Order of Souls voyages complete!

Sailor of the Whispering Bones:Awarded the Commendation for Sailed 1,000 nautical miles on Order of Souls voyages!

Hunter of Cursed Captains:Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Skeleton Captains defeated!

Mercenary of the Ancient Order:Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Order of Souls voyages!

Master Hunter of Villainous Souls:Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Villainous Skulls sold!

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