Secret of Mana Remake Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about the Secret of Mana Remake.

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Secret of Mana Remake Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Secret of Mana

Square Enix

Square Enix

PS4, PS Vita, PC

Genre:Role Playing

Release Date:February 15th 2018

Secret of Mana is getting the first actual remake it’s ever received when Square Enix launches a complete 3D version of the cult classic Super Nintendo title on February 15th 2018. The original title launched in 1993 under the name Seiken Densetsu 2, and launched on the Super Nintendo as Secret of Mana. It title remains one of Square’s cult classic RPGs, with one of the earliest known instances of introducing multiplayer to the genre.

The 2018 remake will hit the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC on February 15, 2018 and is developed in house by Square Enix. The remake boasts a completely rebuilt 3D engine and updated mechanics to help it stand next to modern RPGs.

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There is next to no prerelease information available on this remake, and it has not been widely discussed or promoted by Square Enix. We did our best to dig up a few pieces of trivia.

The game was announced via low key press release, in which Square Enix first outlined some of the expected features, including voice acting, new music arrangements and online multiplayer, as well as announcing the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC as release platforms. Localization was also later confirmed to include English voice acting.

With the announcement of the title, fans clamoured for a Nintendo Switch port, but producer Masaru Oyamada would explain that the game was simply in development before the Switch was announced and they didn’t expect such excitement. A Nintendo Switch port was neither promised nor denied for the future.


Taking place in a high fantasy world where magic is powered by an all encompassing energy known as Mana, Randi and his friends are playing outside Potos village, when they ignore their elder’s warnings and explore behind a nearby waterfall. After falling into the lake, Randi discovers an old, rusted blade driven into stone. A disembodied voice compels Randi into pulling out the sword, which unknowingly releases monsters into the areas surrounding the village. The villagers exile Randi from Potos village because of this.

With nowhere else to turn, Randi begins to travel aimlessly. He runs into another wandering knight Gemma, who reveals Randi’s new blade to be the legendary Mana Sword. Gemma finally gives Randi a direction, as he’s encouraged restore the sword through visiting the eight Manas scattered across the land.

Through his travels, Randi comes across two companions. Primm, a noblewoman who is in love with a warrior named Dyluck who runs away out of anger towards her father for an arranged marriage and toward the king for forcing Dyluck to attack Elinee’s Castle. The two of them eventually meet up with a sprite child at the Dwarf Village. The child is named Popoi, or at least he believes so as he has no memory about his past. Popoi makes his money my scamming people at a Dwarf freak show.

The trio not only hopes to revitalize the Mana Sword, but also stand against The Empire and Thanatos, an evil mage who wants to create a new world where there is only peace.


Secret of Mana still takes most of its gameplay from the Super Nintendo original. Explored from a top down perspective, players navigate the overworld, dungeons and towns, interacting with NPCs and fighting against enemies.

The player has access to and control over any of the three party members that happens to be with them at any moment, leaving the other two party members for AI control or to be played with up to two other friends. The remake introduces online co-op, while the PlayStation Vita version is designed along with local co-op as well. Each party member is proficient in their own area, with Randi being a weapons master who can’t use magic at all, Primm functioning mostly as the healer and Popoi being proficient in offensive magic.

The remake is expected to retain the Ring Command system of the original game, though perhaps redone for modern sensibilities. The combat is real time, with a growing power bar that governs the strength of each attack. The party can wield a variety of weapons and sometimes even use magic foes, though that does require MP to cast. As the player uses their weapons and magic attacks, they will become more proficient with them and level up, unlocking new skills and special attacks as they go. There are eight weapon types in the original game (though the remake might expand on this) – the Sword, Spear, Axe, Bow, Glove, Whip, Boomerang and Javelin. Weapons can be brought to a blacksmith, who will reforge it into a stronger weapon if you can supply him with a Weapon Orb.

When not in battle, the player will be crossing the overworld or dungeon in pursuit of some kind of goal. When in town, players can rest at an inn to regain their HP and MP, and purchase items and gear for their quest. Interacting with NPCs can also reveal more about the world and give the player hints on how to proceed on their quest.


Our hero Randi is a courageous boy who can’t stand by while people suffer. He is the wielder of the legendary Mana Sword, and is at first guided to restore it by Gemma. Gemma is a seasoned knight who wants to see the Mana Sword restored to destroy the Empire, and guides Randi on the path to his destiny.

Randi later meets up with Primm. The noblewoman from the Kingdom of Pandora runs away to rebel against her father who wants to arrange her marriage to a man she does not love, and leaves just in time to avoid the Empire rolling through. She saves Randi when he gets into a pinch and decides to travel with him, hoping that her own quest to save her love Dyluck will go smoother with support. Dyluck is a proud and strong major in Pandora’s army who Primm is smitten with. Primm’s father does not approve of their romance.

The final party member is the young and irreverent Popoi. A prank loving sprite who suffers from amnesia, the party first meets him scamming people near a Dwarf City freak show. As a sprite, he’s highly attuned to magic and joins the party hoping to recover his memories.

Emperor Vandole is the central villain to the game, conspiring to use his military might to unleash the world ending Mana Fortress and control all Mana for himself. His right hand is Dark Sorcerer Thanatos, who Vandole hopes will help him capture the Mana Fortress. He also captured and entranced Dyluck, beginning Primm’s quest.

There are three lesser generals under Emperor Vandole – the sadistic Geshtar likes using mech riders in combat; the chaotic looking Sheex who is an infiltration and stealth master; and Fanha, who seems to have her own loyalties outside the Emperor.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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