Should Fallout 4 Be Set In An Annexed Canada?

Not only would it literally be rather cool, it kinda makes sense.

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Sometimes, just sometimes, some nonsense comes out of the torrents of chaff that pervade the internet. Maybe it’s an idea for a piece of wearable tech or a clever solution to a complicated problem. Most of the time though, it’s just gamers saying “you know what would be cool?” So do you want to know what would be cool? Fallout 4 of course!

In Canada perhaps. There are a great many locations that would suit a post apocalyptic landscape were they turned into games. There’s the dense urban jungle of New York, the ruins of DC (see Fallout 3) and the wastes of the Mojave Desert (see Fallout New Vegas). Hell, I would even like to see my home of Ireland turned into a post apocalyptic landscape, all the craggy terrain and coastal cities would make for some cool scenery right?

But seriously, what about Canada? The country would be a great focal point for a battle between the Brotherhood of Steel and Canadian forces in an effort to conserve supplies to endure the nuclear winter. Even going so far as to reason that the BOS would be trying to get their hands on the CN Tower, which would have been converted into a massive radio array by Canadian forces.

That actually makes a lot of sense! And it could even pave the way for a sort of “Take and Control” gameplay mechanic, similar to how the player captures outposts in FarCry 3, it would be so cool! Literally, by the way, Canada is kinda chilly right? Imagine a survival mechanic similar to that which was implemented into Skyrim by Modder Chesko.

Now, we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves and carried away. But it’s things like this that always get the grey matter stirring. So, were would you like Fallout 4 to be set? C’mon, say Ireland. I know you want to.

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