Skylanders SuperChargers Mega Guide: Cheats, Collectibles, Amiibos, Elements And More

A complete guide for Skylanders: SuperChargers.

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The term ‘Skylanders’ refers not just to the characters and creatures you play as within your adventure, but also to the real life toys you buy and collect to play through the game. Skylanders have been the central conceit of the series since the very first game- and each game’s release sees a new set of toys (usually each with their own gimmick, built around the headlining feature of the new game) released alongside it. Each new game is compatible with every single Skylander figure released until the release of the game itself, ensuring that your figures will never grow outdated.

New Toys:

Skylanders: SuperChargers introduces new toys too- the gimmick this time around is the vehicles that come with each Skylander. The vehicles come in a variety of forms, to cover land, air, and sea. When you pair these vehicles with the right SuperCharger, the vehicle in game gets SuperCharged, sort of evolving into a more powerful version of itself.


The Nintendo versions of Skylanders: SuperChargers comes with an incredible neat bonus that should make it extremely appealing to anybody who is into the Toys to Life genre- cross compatibility with Nintendo’s similarly NFC enabled Amiibo toys. These Amiibos will (obviously) only be compatible with the Nintendo versions of the games – that is to say, Skylanders: SuperChargers on the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS – and only two Amiibos have been confirmed for the game yet.

These Amiibos will show up as part of the Skylanders line of toys, and will feature dual compatibility with Nintendo’s Amiibo enabled games. Donkey Kong and Bowser are the only Nintendo characters confirmed for this cross promotion yet, but both do come with their own vehicles which can be used in SuperChargers- the Barrel Blaster for Donkey Kong, and Hammer Slam for Bowser.


While the actual progression through Skylanders isn’t all that challenging, trying to hunt down and find all the hidden collectibles and secrets can make multiple replays of the same level compelling. The following are some of the secrets you can find while playing through any level:

Wish Stones are hidden in crates in the Academy and throughout the adventure. Drop them in the Academy’s Wishing Well to gain a random effect.

Hats do nothing, but they look cool on your Skylander!

Stardust helps you level up your Portal Master Rank. Ranking up lets you choose from two powers each time, and it can help you level up and customize your game play experience.

Soul Gems must be bought from Persephone, but they let you unlock the final move for each of your Skylanders, so they are probably something you want to keep an eye out for.

Winged Sapphires: There are 10 total Winged Sapphires hidden throughout the game, and if you manage to find all of them, you can get a 20% discount!

Legendary Treasure: What is better than just regular old treasure? Legendary treasure! Of course, Legendary Treasures don’t actually do anything- you can find them all around the place. They make for some nice decorations though.

Kaos Diaries let you learn what Kaos thinks about all kinds of stuff. There are 10 of these to collect

Treasure is easy to identify, because it looks exactly like what the name would suggest- treasure. Treasure includes coins, trinkets, diamonds, and piles of gold, and can be found scattered throughout all the chapters.

Gearbits are the vehicular equivalent of Treasure. Like with Treasure, collected Gearbits are locked to the vehicle that collected them. Collect it and dozens of regular Gearbits will appear for a short time.

Skystones can be earned by beating players in the Skystone Overdrive card game- and they are the cards that are used in the game as well. Beating each player nets you one new card.

Play through the adventure, and you will naturally find randomized loot as well. Keep an eye on the following things to ensure you don’t miss something by mistake:

Treasure Chests, Piñatas, and Presents give you random rewards. If you see one, make sure to open it up.

Toolboxes give you random mods for random vehicles. Wish Stones show up randomly at predetermined spots in each chapter. Spin Chests show up rarely – using it gives you a random reward, and also leads to a Chest, Piñata, or Present showing up in its spot later, for another reward.


There are ten elemental types in Skylanders games, and each Skylander has one type associated with it.

The elements are:

  • Tech
  • Undead
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Life
  • Magic
  • Water
  • Light
  • Dark

RFID cards:

The RFID card stores the following information:

  • The amount of Treasure collected by the Skylander
  • The Skylander’s nickname
  • The Skylander’s upgraded Powers and Statistics
  • The Hat the Skylander is currently wearing


Like with any collectible game, Skylanders toys come with limited edition variants. All of the following can be used with this game:

Legendary and Dark figures have altered colors, and boosted stats.

Alt Deco are the exact same character with the exact same stats, but a different appearance

Trap Masters can trap Villains, deal more damage to them.

Minis are smaller variants of regular Skylanders, sometimes with modified stats.

SuperChargers results into a massive power boost in a process known as SuperCharging.

Giants are supersized Skylanders that can push heavy objects in the game.

Infinite Money Cheat

Earning Gold Quickly:

Quick Money Trick:

Max Money Glitch:

Achievements and Trophies Guide:

Eon’s Elite

Complete Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty. Refer to the story missions walkthrough below.

Best Driver in Skylands 

Earn all Land vehicle stars.


Reach Portal Master Rank 10


Reach Portal Master Rank 25

Quarter, Nickel, Dime 

Reach Portal Master Rank 40

Pair of Quarters and a Nickel

Reach Portal Master Rank 55

Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes 

Reach Portal Master Rank 70

Perfect Pair 

Defeat an enemy while SuperCharged.

Ready to Roll 

Equip your first Mod.

Check Out My Ride 

Equip 3 different Mods on one vehicle

Mod Master 

Collect 4 vehicle Mods

Grease Monkey 

Fully upgrade a vehicle

Horn Honker 

Honk your first vehicle horn.

Wanna Race? 

Complete a Race level.

Catch Me If You Can

Come in 1st place in any Race level on any difficulty. See “Wanna Race?” achievement/trophy guide above.

Pole Position 

Come in 1st place in any Race level on each difficulty. See

Road Trip 

Enter a vehicle in Co-Op mode.

The Real Collector 

Collect 43 Skystones.

Skystones Savant 

Win 15 Games of Skystones: Overdrive.

Feng Shui 

Have at least 5 active Legendary Treasures in the Academy at once.


Collect 10 Legendary Treasures

Live Wire Locksmith 

Solve 15 Live Wire Lock puzzles

Gold Standard 

Earn 6 gold Emblems

Ooh, Shiny 

Achieve gold on 12 Emblems

Hugo’s Hero 

Complete 10 quests given by Hugo

Tessa’s Traveler 

Complete 10 quests given by Tessa

Driver’s Ed 

Fully complete a Driver quest from Buzz.

Jail Break 

Beat The Rift to Skylands on any difficulty.

Sock Sniffer 

Beat The Cloudbreather’s Crag on any difficulty.

Cloud Kingdom Clearer 

Beat The Cloud Kingdom on any difficulty.

Back Where You Belong 

Beat Land of the Undead on any difficulty.

Brawl to the Wall 

Beat Battlebrawl Island on any difficulty.

Knowledge Is Power 

Beat The Spell Punk Library on any difficulty.

Yard Work 

Beat Gadfly Glades on any difficulty.

Chicken Bites 

Beat Cap’n Cluck’s Chicken HQ on any difficulty.

Vacation Getaway

Beat Monstrous Isles on any difficulty.

Demolition Derby 

Beat Ridepocalypse Demo Derby on any difficulty.

Power of Attraction 

Beat Vault of the Ancients on any difficulty.

Raiding the Raiders

Beat The Bandit Train on any difficulty.

Light Giver

Defeat The Darkness on any difficulty.

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