Skyrim – 14 Craziest Things Players Have Done In This Open World Juggernaut

A list of the craziest things done by gamers in Bethesda’s wildly popular open world game.

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Skyrim fans can be a crazy bunch, pouring hour upon hour into an open world experience that should, by all means, be outdated. As such, they’re capable of some pretty crazy things, whether it’s creating awesome Machinima or cool mods. Let’s take a look at the 14 craziest things gamers have done in Skyrim.

300 in Skyrim

Not everything has to be a mod or a total conversion of the game. Sometimes all you need are some console commands, the Creation Kit and a boat-load of time, like Tyrannicon who managed to recreate some of the best scenes from 300 in Skyrim and mash them into a trailer. It’s honestly crazy how close some of this looks to the original.

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