Skyrim – Little Things You Should Know About The Game

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Ever thought about those little things that you always wanted to know about Skyrim, but you felt was too trivial? Don’t worry, we’re here to answer those questions for you. Remember those dungeons that you cleared? Yes, don’t worry, you can have a go at it again, since the enemies spawn after a while. So all you have got to do is… wait!

One worried gamer asked Pete Hines, community manager for Bethesda Games, “Hey Pete, I probably missed this being asked. Do enemies re-populate caves, dungeons, and the world in general? Thanks!”

Hines replied, “Yes, after a while dungeons will respawn.” In case you don’t believe us for some reason. Also, there are 150 dungeons in the game. All of them are unique and not like the ones found in Oblivion, they are actually a lot of fun to explore as well. If you like a dungeon and want it to respawn, all you got to do is wait a little and same goes for the vendors.

If you find their gold reserves depleted even after coming a few days later… don’t panic. All you got to do is to wait 5 days and it will replenish. The core mechanics are same as Fallout 3. You can also boost your speech and get access to some wonderful options, especially if you like to trade a lot.

Some quests may be broken in the PC version, but we request you not to panic, because all it takes is a reload and voila! Bethesda actually shipped a working game this time around, so you shouldn’t find any issues with the main or side quests.

The only one buggy right now to our knowledge is the one early in the game, but even that can be rectified by waiting for a few days and then trying again. Remember never panic, and Bethesda always knows what’s wrong, since they get a lot of feedback. Even the Xbox 360 texture issues will be fixed soon, as Hines said they’re working on it.

One user asked, “Hey, Pete, ive heard that the xbox has some problems installing the game which causes in game bugs. Is this true?”

Hines acknowledged the problem, “No, the bug is the bug. We’re aware of it: Link.”

Xbox 360 owners don’t need to worry a lot as the fix is coming soon. Meanwhile, just don’t install the game to your harddisk to ensure the game plays smoothly and also reset your Xbox 360’s cache.

We will keep you updated on more Skyrim news. Stay tuned for our in-depth review of the game soon, and trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

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