So how can Microsoft fight back? It doesn’t need a 360 Slim

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Well the last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting for the gamers and for the industry as a whole. There have been many articles around the web where many have stated that Microsoft needs to do that and than that. We at tell what Microsoft exactly needs to focus on and hopefully bring a smile back on their fans faces. Please do note that the article is a good mix of facts and assumptions.

1. Microsoft doesn’t need a Slim 360 for now:


I know some of you readers would have gone mad at me just by reading the header. Now let me tell you why we gamers don’t need a Xbox 360 slim for now. Microsoft first of all needs to fix the design and the architecture of system. Two weeks ago my Xbox 360 got the three dead rings after almost three years of fantastic gaming. Now some might say that I was lucky since my 360 rocked for so long, but i will like to disagree.

I paid almost 400$ to bring the 360, back in 2006 and I have tons of games on the platform. But what does Microsoft do with that issue? They charge the gamer with 140$ to repair that stuff and finally will take weeks to deliver at my home. I had no option but to sell of my 360 and bring a new one. Microsoft first needs to get their design issues sorted out, before they even think of a 360 slim. Just imagine you pay 300$ for a slim and after a few months it blows due to a faulty design. It doesn’t make any sense for Microsoft to launch a new hardware unless they have sorted their core issue since launch: STABILITY.

2. Microsoft has to make it BIG at TGS 2009:


The biggest gaming show in Japan begins in mid-September. Microsoft has been dead last in the next gen consoles in Japan so far even though the 360 has sold more than the original Xbox. Microsoft needs to revise and reschedule their plans specially in the Asian regions. For me they have done a better job and Microsoft did learned their lessons from their last experience with Xbox 1. They did grab some of the major exclusives form the Playstation 3 like Tekken and Final Fantasy, but to be honest with our readers these games will eventually sell and play better on the Playstation 3 since most of the Japanese developers prefer the PS3 as the base development platform. One possible solution for Microsoft is to really increase the game bundle packages. I still remember the bundle of Forza 3 doing extremely well in the Asian countries. Also Microsoft needs to take a closer look at why they are doing bad in Asia specifically in Japan. A deeper analysis and research will definitely help them to recover. Having said that the upcoming TGS is a great platform where Microsoft can make such announcements. I don’t consider and believe in the fact that Japan hate Microsoft, i find that reasoning pretty dumb. Its just that Microsoft has failed to penetrate the Japanese market from the onset.

3. Microsoft needs Blockbusters and that too quick:


I am sorry that some of you wont like what I am going to say. But I will be honest. Microsoft has the weakest line up of games in 2009 and their road map for 2010 doesn’t look very smart. Yes folks I agree: Halo Reach is a huge game and there are some cracking games like Alan Wake and Fable 3 too in the pipeline. But man where is Gears of War 3? Microsoft does need exclusives at this point, a mark that Sony has reached wonderfully well for 2009 and 2010. I am not saying that the 360 lacks quality games, I had the best of gaming experiences with my 360 , even better than on my PS3, but 2010 is a year that may break the 360 which might result in to a rushed Xbox 3 or Xbox 720 or something.

4. Microsoft needs to make their presence felt:


Even Though I own this site and work hard on it, I make it a point that I go across all major websites whenever I go online. For the last month all I have read is something good about Sony and something bad about Microsoft. I do believe to certain extent that media makes the current situation look bad for the 360 than it actually is. But Microsoft really needs to get its game up if it has to survive the longest generation in gaming to date. Its time that they listen to their fans rather than try and take exclusives from other companies. I am confident that Microsoft will turn it around but the current state isn’t that encouraging. But hey folks! I guess we were the same people that wrote off the Playstation 3 when it launched way back in 2006?

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