Sons of the Forest Guide – All Armor Locations And Where To Find Them

A complete guide on finding all armor pieces in Sons of the Forest.

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Apart from weapons, Sons of the Forest also features different types of armor. These armors increase your defense stats, which reduce damage taken from enemies and provide warmth during the harsh winters.

It is essential to acquire better armor in the game since powerful weapons alone won’t suffice during battles. As you progress, you will encounter more formidable enemies. At this point, taking damage is inevitable, making the armor’s damage reduction capabilities an absolute necessity.

You need to keep an eye out for better armor sets as you progress since they’re more durable and provide stronger defense. However, they aren’t readily available.

While some armor can be found in specific locations, others need to be crafted using resources. There are a total of six different types of armor in Sons of the Forest. They are as follows:

  • Golden Armor
  • Tech Armor
  • Hide Armor
  • Bone Armor
  • Creepy Armor
  • Leaf Armor

Sons of the Forest Armor Locations

Golden Armor

Hey there! If you’re a fan of Sons of the Forest, then you’ll definitely want to know about the best armor in the game – the Golden armor. Not only does it offer the highest defense out of all the armor types, but it’s also incredibly durable.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t craft the Golden armor – you’ll need to search for it on the island. Specifically, it’s located in a bunker inside a cave that can be found west of the snowy mountains, in the southeast corner of the island. It’s right next to a large lake, so keep an eye out for it if you want to get your hands on the best armor in Sons of the Forest.

One of the best things about the Golden armor is that it never degrades, so you can use it for as long as you want. It neither wears out nor is destroyed. It’s basically the ultimate armor that you can get in the game, and it’s definitely worth the effort to obtain it.

Of course, getting the Golden armor is no easy feat, as you’ll need to be in the final stages of the game to have a shot at finding it. And once you have the Golden armor, you’ll also gain access to new areas like the Magma Caverns. Follow these steps to find the armor:

  • To get the Golden armor in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to acquire a Maintenance Keycard that unlocks a locked door leading to the armor. Fortunately, you can find this keycard in another bunker situated inside a cave on the eastern edge of the map. This is the same location where you can find the 3D Printer as well.
  • Once you have the keycard, go to the cave next to the large lake and descend to the Second Cave level. This is where you’ll come across the locked door that requires the Maintenance Keycard to open. Once you’re through the door, get ready to deal with a few mutants that are lurking around. You can either fight them or try to avoid them – it’s your choice.
  • After dealing with the mutants, head down the stairway and enter the second room in the second corridor. This is where you’ll find the Golden armor lying on a couch.

Tech Armor

Crafting Requirements – 1x Tech Mesh, 1x Batteries, 1x Wire, 1x Duct Tape, and 1x Circuit Board.

Other than the Golden Armor, every other armor can be crafted in the game. It offers modest damage reduction, but the tech armor isn’t economically viable. That’s because you’ll need to craft ten different armor pieces to finish the set. Each of these pieces has to be crafted separately and requires the resources mentioned above.

But that’s not all, since you’ll also have to craft the Tech Mesh as well. One Tech Mesh requires 250 Printer Resin, which sums to a total of 2,500 Resin (10 pieces). Head to areas that show signs of civilization or bunkers for a better chance of finding the other crafting items.

Hide Armor

Crafting Requirements – 1x Cloth and 1x Animal Hide.

Unlike the Tech Armor, the Hide counterpart only requires two crafting items. Its damage reduction is lower compared to the Tech Armor. However, it’s way easier to craft and keeps you warm during the winter, especially if you’re short on winter clothes.

You’ll have to kill and skin a deer for the hide. Use a ranged weapon for the hunt, since the deer will instantly flee at the sight of you. For the Cloth, you’ll have to search the human camps and loot crates.

Bone Armor

Crafting Requirements – 4x Bones 1x Rope and 1x Duct Tape.

In Sons of the Forest, the Bone armor is one of the first armors that you can get. It provides medium damage protection, similar to the Hide armor. However, you need more materials to craft it.

Whether you should make a Hide or a Bone armor depends on the resources you have. Both armors give you the same level of defense, so it’s up to you to decide which one to make.

Bones are the easiest crafting material to get in Sons of the Forest. You can get them by killing mutants or by searching through cemeteries, cannibal camps, and dig sites. Rope and Duct Tape, the other materials you need to craft armor, can be found in various locations on the island. Rope is commonly found next to skeletons in caves.

Creepy Armor

Crafting Requirements – 1x Mutant Skin, and 1x Combat Knife

In Sons of the Forest, the Creepy armor is an early game item that provides slightly less defense than the Bone armor. However, it is a lot easier to craft. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make it as soon as possible.

One of the downsides to using the Creepy armor is that it makes it harder for you to be stealthy. The armor makes you stand out more, making it easier for mutants and other enemies to spot you. So, while the Creepy armor is a good option for early game defense, you should keep in mind that it comes at the cost of early detection by enemies.

In Sons of the Forest, you can get Mutant Skin by killing Mutants. You can find them in most areas of the island, especially in caves.

To get Mutant Skin, you need to find and hunt down a Mutant. Once you’ve killed it, use your Combat Knife to skin it and collect its skin. You can then use the Mutant Skin to craft a Creepy Armor from your inventory. You only need one piece of Mutant Skin to make the armor, which is a plus.

Leaf Armor

Crafting Requirements – 10x Leaf and 1x Cloth

In Sons of the Forest, the Leaf armor is the most basic armor. It’s essentially the first armor that you can craft. While it provides the lowest defense out of all six armor types in the game, it’s also the easiest to craft.

In Sons of the Forest, you can find Cloth in many different locations across the island, but Leaves are the easiest material to acquire because they are abundant in the forest.

Even though the Leaf armor provides the lowest defense, it’s still better than having no armor at all. We recommend crafting this armor as soon as possible, especially in the early stages of the game. Doing so will allow you to take a few more hits and increase your chances of survival.

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