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Soul Sacrifice
Soul Sacrifice Box Art

Soul Sacrifice

Publisher:  Sony

Developer:  Marvelous AQL, SCE Japan Studio

Platforms:  PS Vita

Genre:  Action Adventure

Release Date:  NA: April 30, 2013, EU: May 1, 2013, JP: March 7, 2013

Soul Sacrifice was hinted for a release on the PS Vita back in 2012. The game was originally meant to be called Forsaken Souls, but was changed to Soul Sacrifice.

The game was announced at the International Forum Venue in Tokyo on May 10. The game was said to contain a lot of themes like  ”story about magicians”, “the concept of evolved co-op battles”, and “high spec graphics for creating a realistic fantasy world”. [reference]

It was also revealed in Famitsu and a teaser was released for the game.

The game was released in on April 30, 2013 in the EU, May 1, 2013 in Japan and on March 7, 2013 in North America.

It is being developed by Marvelous AQL and SCE Japan Studio.

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It features 300 types of magic and a deep crafting system.  [reference] The game is said to have 25 hours of single player campaign and the multiplayer is said to raise to content a lot as well

The difficulty level of the game is said to be high, but the high speed action is extremely fun and rewarding to learn. You can also continue fighting even when you are dead.

The game features a fantasy theme and is said to be too dark for some people’s taste. There is a salvation and sacrifice system which adds profound and meaningful choice to the game.

Multiplayer mode is where the game really shines but the single player is fun in it’s own right.

Keiji Inafune the creator of the game had shared his vision behind the game and you can read it below. [reference]

What I wanted to illustrate in this game was a “reality blended into a fantasy world”. The word “fantasy” normally points to a story that is fictitious; however, with Soul Sacrifice I wanted to illustrate a “reality” within a fantasy that wasn’t sugar-coated. It’s not about focusing on the strange, but to flip the commonly held concept of what a fantasy theme should be with the concept of “reality”. [reference]

Cruelty is a reality in our world, and we have to make sacrifices and pay costs on a daily basis. I wanted to blend this “reality” theme into a fantasy world, one filled with magic, and create a new type of gaming experience that relied on the player making sacrifices in order to obtain great power.

There is a “dark pleasure” lying in between fiction and reality that none of us knew was there. If you simply think of it as a “dark fantasy,” then your expectations will be betrayed – but in a good way. Please look forward to Soul Sacrifice. It will be a game that players around the world will surely enjoy. — Keiji Inafune, Comcept

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Soul Sacrifice is turning out to be a great game, but one thing is for certain, there are some elements here that aren’t for the faint of heart. [reference] The game features huge variation of spells makes for extremely deep tactical multiplayer experience.

We also have a short teaser trailer that shows some of in game moves. As the name sacrifice suggests, you have to sacrifice your body parts to damage your enemies.

No details on whether those body parts will grow back or if you will have access to them, but here are the moves below.

  • Excalibur: You stick your hand down your throat, pull out your spinal cord, and use this as your sword.
  • Gleipnir: Chop off your five fingers and perform a punch with your extended bones.
  • Gorgon: Pull out your eyeballs, and use them to blast out magic beams
  • Gungnir: Your bones and nerves emerge from your body and attack

The game is 50% complete according to Famitsu, and will be released this winter.


soul sacrifice 1

The game is said to have superb storytelling through the grimoire system and its journal entries. It is also said to be quite moving and definitely worth your time.

You take on the role of a slave who is about to be sacrificed, but at the last moment stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past – and perhaps take powers away with him.

To gain these magics, there needs to be sacrifices made -ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life. So the question becomes, “What would you sacrifice for ultimate power?”


The video shows the composer Wataru okoyama conducting the composition of an entire track titled “Beginning of the End” from the sound score of the game. It sounds quite epic, give it a whirl. [reference]

The music and the soundtrack of the game have been quite an important focus for the development teams at Marvelous AQL and Sony’s Japan studio, as they have been releasing videos on the soundtracks quite regularly. It does sound pretty good, to be honest. Hopefully the game itself will be no different.

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