Soulcalibur 6 Libra of Souls Guide: How To Level Up Faster And Earn Gold Quickly

Getting the most out of SoulCalibur 6’s Libra of Souls mode.

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Libra of Souls is a second campaign in SoulCalibur 6 that isn’t focused on the premodern characters, but is, rather, stomping grounds for your custom character. Here’s the good news, though: it’s also where you can earn a lot of Gold (to buy new weapons for your character) consistently. Gold can also be traded in for SP (to unlock more character creation options).

In other words, you probably want to get the most out of this mode the fastest way you can. So let’s get down to business.


There are two techniques to keep in mind here. One is grinding, and one is a multiplier, which can help with the grinding. Let me explain.

  • Complete Side Missions. Especially the Green Medal Side Quests will net you a lot of cash. Finish these, and you will earn Gold.
  • Battle. This, obviously, goes without saying.
  • Multiplier. There’s a town called Feendorf which you reach and unlock in Chapter 4. In this town, you can buy and use food, which gives you gold payout multipliers. Use this to your advantage when grinding Green Medal Quests and battles.


… Well, what do you know, the exact same techniques apply here, too:

  • Complete side quests. Always a steady source.
  • Battle. I mean, this is the most basic way for you to get yourself some XP.
  • Multipliers. Grab yourself the relevant meals in Feendorf, and go your way grinding extra XP.

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