Splatoon 2’s Update 4.4.0 Goes Live Today, Makes Multiple Balance Changes

No new content in this new update, but it’s still a fairly substantial one.

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Splatoon 2 may no longer be getting new maps added to it, but updates adding other varieties of new content for absolutely free are still absolutely a thing. That said, the upcoming update for the game won’t be of that variety. Update 4.4.0, which goes live later today, is mostly going to be focused on a bevy of balance fixes.

The update’s patch notes have been translated by some folks over on Reddit, though we should be getting an official translation soon enough. They reveal that Nintendo is making changes to spawning on the Kelp Dome map, changing the time before ink damage kicks in, changing the specifics of how multiple weapons work, including the Undercover Bella and Splat Dualies, and making changes to how Special Points work.

You can see the translation for yourself below, though do bear in mind that, as noted, this is a fan translation, and the full official translation should come later today.

Splatoon 2 is out now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Translation of Patch Notes:

  • Kelp Dome map changes near spawn for all modes
  • Many shooter type weapons get a new change where the time it takes to shoot after pressing ZR while in squid mode is reduced (buff)
  • Jet Squelcher gets an additional MPU ability of increased accuracy while shooting on the ground
  • Squiffers and E-Liters get an additional MPU ability of increased inking ability
  • L3 Nozzlenose change where the ground directly beneath the player will be inked more
  • Flingza Roller changes: The time it takes to reach maximum rolling speed decreased by 30/60ths of a second, movement speed during a vertical flick increased by 11%, damage reduction due to distance of the vertical flick is changed so the 100+ damage range is increased by 5%
  • Undercover Brella: MPU is more effective at smaller amounts than before
  • Ballpoint Splatling: short range damage decreased to 28 from 32, long range damage decreased from 32 to 30
  • Splat Dualies: Bullet hit box when not in single reticle mode (dodge-rolling) slightly reduced (harder to hit enemies)
  • Tetra Dualies: Bullet hit box when not in single reticle mode (dodge-rolling) slightly reduced
  • Tenta Missiles: Delay between shooting missiles and moving/shooting reduced by 15/60ths of a second
  • Booyah Bomb: Explosion ends 30/60ths of a second faster, explosion radius expansion is sped up, damage increased by 32%, inking slightly increased, the ground directly beneath the player will now be inked, time it takes for the ink armor effect to wear off after throwing the bomb increased by 15/60ths of a second
  • Ultra Stamp: Movement speed and maneuverability while mashing ZR increased, minimum damage increased to 40 from 30, bullet and bomb erasing effects now apply to areas surrounding the stamp as well, the time it takes to switch from a single swing to multiple swings while in the air decreased by 4/60ths of a second
  • Ink Resistance: Time before ink damage kicks in has been increased (maximum 9/60ths of a second more than before)
  • Special points changes: H3 Nozzlenose D 200→210, Kensa Sloshing Machine 170→190, Explosher 200→210, Custom Explosher 190→200, Ballpoint Splatling Noveau 200→230

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