Super Mario Odyssey Guide: Coins Cheats, Power Moons, Purple Coins Locations, Costumes And More

A complete, exhaustive guide for Super Mario Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey is out now, and it is magnificent. It’s probably the greatest 3D Mario game of all time, and one of the best games ever made. It’s a return to the sandbox style of 3D Mario games that made Super Mario 64 so beloved back in the day- except bigger, better, more improved in just about every way possible.

It is also full of things to do and find- there’s so much, in fact, that you will feasibly spend dozens of hours playing the game even after you have seen its story through to the end. In this guide, we help you get a handle on these things- we’ll have a guide to locations for Power Moons, Purple Coins, portrait warps, Souvenirs, costumes, musical Toads, Princess Peach, capatin Toad, and Goombettes. Furthermore, we have also included guides on how to find bonus/secret kingdoms, cheats and cheat codes for unlimited, infinite gold coins, defeating all bosses, playing as Yoshi, Cappy’s Captures and answers to Pauline’s Quiz. Whew. Let’s. Get. Started.


Okay, let’s first talk about Power Moons. These are vaguely equivalent to the Stars or Shines in Mario 64 and Sunshine– because they gate progress. You collect these, and you open up progress to the next kingdom. You get Power Moons for just about everything in the game- you get them for completing story events, quests, exploring the world, interacting with things, solving puzzles, completing challenges, shopping, talking to people, anything. The point of these is to induce you into interacting with the sandbox- do that, and you’re likely to get rewarded.

There are 999 Power Moons in Super Mario OdysseyHere is some information about them.

  • You need 124 Power Moons to complete the story
  • There are 556 ‘Base’ Power Moons available in the game (though many are not available until the post-game)
  • Each story kingdom has a Moon Rock- collectively, these unlock another 278 Power Moons (in conjunction with the Toad Archivist)
  • You can buy 165 Power Moons from Crazy Cap stores

Finally, here’s the breakdown of Power Moons by Kingdom:

Cap Kingdom Power Moons: 17 (base), 31 (Moon Rock)

Cascade Kingdom Power Moons: 25 (base), 40 (Moon Rock)

Sand Kingdom Power Moons: 69 (base), 89 (Moon Rock)

Lake Kingdom Power Moons: 33 (base), 42 (Moon Rock)

Wooded Kingdom Power Moons: 54 (base), 74 (Moon Rock)

Cloud Kingdom Power Moons: 2 (base), 9 (Moon Rock)

Lost Kingdom Power Moons: 25 (base), 35 (Moon Rock)

Metro Kingdom Power Moons: 66 (base), 81 (Moon Rock)

Snow Kingdom Power Moons: 37 (base), 55 (Moon Rock)

Seaside Kingdom Power Moons: 52 (base), 71 (Moon Rock)

Luncheon Kingdom Power Moons: 56 (base), 68 (Moon Rock)

Ruined Kingdom Power Moons: 5 (base), 10 (Moon Rock)

Bowser’s Kingdom Power Moons: 45 (base), 62 (Moon Rock)

Moon Kingdom Power Moons: 27 (base), 38 (Moon Rock)

Mushroom Kingdom Power Moons: 43 (base), 104 (Moon Rock)

Dark Side Power Moons: 24

Darker Side Power Moons: 1


Every Kingdom has Purple Coins- these Purple Coins are a special currency unique to that kingdom, that can only be used in that Kingdom. There are a limited number of these, but you can use these to buy unique costumes, as well as souvenirs. Here, we show you where to find every Purple Coin for every kingdom. Okay? Let’s go.

Cap Kingdom

50 Purple Coins

Cascade Kingdom

50 Purple Coins

Sand Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

Lake Kingdom

50 Purple Coins

Wooded Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

Lost Kingdom

50 Purple Coins

Metro Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

Snow Kingdom

50 Purple Coins

Seaside Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

Luncheon Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

Bowser’s Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

Moon Kingdom

50 Purple Coins

Mushroom Kingdom

100 Purple Coins

How To Defeat All Bosses And Secret Boss:

Boss battles are the highlight of Super Mario Odyssey, epic set-piece moments that pit you against some challenging foes and put your skills to the test. While most bosses are actually really easy, as you near the end of the story, the challenge begins to ramp up significantly. But the gruelling grind is worth it, because Mario arguably has the best boss battles of the year so far- and the videos below will show you how to contend with them all.


In a clever throwback to Super Mario 64Super Mario Odyssey features portraits that let you warp across kingdoms, accessing inaccessible zones and areas to collect Power Moons and Purple Coins that otherwise would be entirely inaccessible.

Here is where you can find these portraits:

  • The base of the waterfall next to the Odyssey in Cascade Kingdom takes you to Bowser’s Kingdom
  • There is a portrait on the ruined wall on the stone tower in the Sand Kingdom that takes you to Metro Kingdom
  • The pool up the stairs to the left of your ship in Lake Kingdom takes you to the Sand Kingdom
  • Complete the Scarecrow Challenge past the Iron Path Station 8 flag to gain access to a portrait in Wooded Kingdom that takes you to Luncheon Kingdom
  • The portrait in Metro Kingdom is on the platform right next to your ship. This takes you to Cascade Kingdom.
  • After the boss is defeated, go to the central fountain and dive in in Seaside Kingdom to go to Lake Kingdom
  • Go to the Mushroom Shaped island past Meat Plateau in Luncheon Kingdom to go to Mushroom Kingdom
  • Go left of the Courtyard Entrance to find the portrait in Bowser’s Kingdom to take you to Moon Kingdom
  • Go up the hill to your right to find the portrait in Mushroom Kingdom


You can, as has been tradition in many Mario games, play as Yoshi once you finish the main story- except, this time, you literally play as him. You don’t ride him. You don’t control him. You possess him using Cappy.

Getting to him is simple: once you reach Mushroom Kingdom, approach Peach’s Castle, then veer left. You will find a scarecrow- throw your cap on it, and a set of stairs appears, leading to the roof. Follow these before the timer counts down to zero. There, you will find an egg- throw your cap at it to get Yoshi out, then again at Yoshi to possess him.

How To Farm Coins: Unlimited And Infinite Coins Cheat And Cheat Codes

Coins are useful at last in Super Mario Odyssey! Okay, they still aren’t that useful- but now you actually buy absolutely nothing with them, instead of them giving you lives, which were… meaningless in the older games.

So, you’ll want coins. Now, I’ll be honest, simply playing the game is actually enough to have enough coins on hand at all times: but just in case you wanted, for whatever reason, tips to farm something that is already abundant, here are a couple of videos showing you how to farm coins.

There are additional exploits to get a lot of coins in the game- you can see these in the videos below:


The interactivity and versatility of gameplay styles in Mario is best exemplified by Cappy’s Capture ability, that lets you possess and control all sorts of enemies, objects, animals, creatures, and even people, in Mario Odyssey. There are 52 things you can possess and control in the game- this here is the full list:

  1. Parabones
  2. Banzai Bill
  3. Chargin’ Chuck
  4. Bowser
  5. Moe-Eye
  6. Cactus
  7. Frog
  8. Goomba
  9. Knucklotec’s Fist
  10. Lakitu
  11. Zipper
  12. Spark pylon
  13. Paragoomba
  14. Chain Chomp
  15. Big Chain Chomp
  16. Poison Piranha Plant
  17. Uproot
  18. Fire Bro
  19. Sherm
  20. Coin Coffer
  21. Tree
  22. Boulder
  23. Picture Match Part (Goomba)
  24. Tropical Wiggler
  25. Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)
  26. Gushen
  27. Lava Bubble
  28. Volbonan
  29. Hammer Bro
  30. Meat
  31. Fire Piranha Plant
  32. Pole
  33. Manhole
  34. Broode’s Chain Chomp
  35. Cheep Cheep
  36. Puzzle Part (Lake Kingdom)
  37. Taxi
  38. RC Car
  39. Ty-Foo
  40. Shiverian Racer
  41. T-Rex
  42. Binoculars
  43. Bullet Bill
  44. Letter
  45. Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom)
  46. Picture Match Part (Mario)
  47. Yoshi
  48. Pokio
  49. Jizo
  50. Bowser Statue
  51. Rocket
  52. Glydon


Souvenirs are completely pointless- okay, you can use them to decorate the Odyssey, but you get literally nothing out of it except for cosmetic benefits. Nonetheless, if you want them, you buy them using Purple Coins. Here is a list:

  • Moon Lamp (25 Coins, Moon Kingdom)
  • Mushroom Cushion Set (10 Coins, Mushroom Kingdom)
  • Plush Frog: 5 Coins, Cap Kingdom
  • Pauline Statue: 25 Coins, Metro Kingdom
  • T-Rex Model: 5 Coins, Cascade Kingdom
  • Triceratops Trophy: 25 Coins, Cascade Kingdom
  • Peach’s Castle Model: 25 Coins, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Jaxi Statue: 5 Coins, Sand Kingdom
  • Underwater Dome: 25 Coins, Lake Kingdom
  • Potted Palm Tree: 5 Coins, Lost Kingdom
  • Butterfly Mobile: 25 Coins, Lost Kingdom
  • Rubber Dorrie: 5 Coins, Lake Kingdom
  • New Donk City Hall Model: 5 Coins, Metro Kingdom
  • Pyramid Model: 25 Coins, Sand Kingdom
  • Moon Rock Fragment: 5 Coins, Moon Kingdom
  • Shiverian Rug: 5 Coins, Snow Kingdom
  • Shiverian Nesting Dolls: 25 Coins, Snow Kingdom
  • Glass Tower Model: 5 Coins, Seaside Kingdom
  • Sand Jar: 25 Coins, Seaside Kingdom
  • Vegetable Plate: 25 Coins, Luncheon Kingdom
  • Souvenir Forks: 5 Coins, Luncheon Kingdom
  • Jizo Statue: 25 Coins, Bowser’s Kingom
  • Paper Lantern: 5 Coins, Bowser’s Kingdom


Mario has always been known for playing dress-up- he gets a variety of costumes, and they have traditionally bestowed him with powers and power-ups. Mario Odyssey is different- his costumes have no special powers (though they can give him access to otherwise gated parts of the world), but there’s a lot of them for you to find and buy. The video below will walk you through these all.


What do Musical Toads do? Well, to put it simply, they’re like a Sound Test- you can play any song from the soundtrack on request by going to one of these. Except, a Musical Toad will give you a musical puzzle, and if you play the right music for him, he’ll give you a Moon. He’s a maniac, basically, and his riddles are asinine.

That’s why we are here to help:


Pauline, the original Mario girl, and the mayor of New Donk City in this game for some reason, has the best quests associated with her. Seriously- New Donk Festival? The best moment in the game. Then there is her quiz and finding her birthday present. Not as memorable- still pretty good. Here, we tell you how to go about it.


Once you finish the main story in Super Mario Odyssey, and try to go meet Peach, you are told that she’s gone somewhere… again. Because she keeps doing that for some reason. Anyway, this sets off a really cool post-game quest where you have to track her down in the world. It’s really awesome and fun to do it yourself, and use it as a chance to explore the game’s sandbox, and its expanded possibilities available once the story is done.

Or you can let this video show you exactly where to go and what to do, that works too.


One of the most adorable set of objectives in Super Mario Odyssey involves the Goombettes. These female Goombas are usually perched on some high location- and you can impress them by stacking goombas on top of one another (by capturing the top one and using it to hop on others), which will cause her to give you a Power Moon.

There are a fair few Goombettes across the 14 Kingdoms in Odyssey– the video below shows you where to find them.


Okay, so apart from the 14 spectacular kingdoms you get over the course of the story, plus Mushroom Kingdom, you can unlock two additional Kingdoms in the game:

  • The Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom: Collect 250 moons.
  • The Darker Side of the Moon Kingdom: Collect 500 moons.

Completing the Dark Side gets you the King Costume, while completing the Darker Side gets you the Invisible Costume- so it’s worth your while to stick with them.


Captain Toad, the beloved character from the fan favorite Wii U exclusive Mario spin off, is back in Odyssey! He’s usually hiding around the kingdoms, and you need to put in some effort to find him, but… if you do, you get a Power Moon! Yay!

  • Wooded Kingdom: From the secret garden, go to the observation deck, possess a flying enemy, and fly to the dock with Toad on it
  • Lost Kingdom: Go behind the stumps in the poison bog as the wiggler, and find Captain Toad hidden in a crevice
  • Metro Kingdom: Go behind the City Hall Plaza, smash the boxes, and follow the path to find Toad
  • Snow Kingdom: After beating the boss, return to the kingdom, and throw Cappy into the crevice of the wall of the new area to find Captain Toad
  • Cap Kingdom: Return to the top of the tower after completing the Kingdom
  • Cascade Kingdom: Return to the boss fight arena, and drop to the platform below with the metal block. Drop to the other platform below it- Captain Toad is here
  • Sand Kingdom: First, go to the Oasis and possess a Lakitu. Then, fly to the massive sand dunes to the spot with the cacti, and fish out the shadows- one of these is Captain Toad
  • Lake Kingdom: Go to the Mermaid in the Water Plaza (being a Cheep Cheep for this is a good idea), and dive right under the waves. Go to the glowing rocks- Captain Toad is waiting for you there.
  • Bowser’s Kingdom: Go along the outer wall of the castle until you see a yellow rooftop. Smash at it to reveal Toad
  • Moon Kingdom: Just return to the moon after you finish the story, he’s pretty easy to find (he’s chilling on the dune)
  • Mushroom Kingdom: As Yoshi, get to the roof of the Cappy Shop. He’s right there. It’s pretty hard to miss
  • Dark Side: Just beat all the bosses, climb the carrot, and find him in an alcove
  • Seaside Kingdom: Follow the cliff from the Odyssey’s resting location upwards (possess one of the aqueous creatures around you for this) until you see a tent- Captain Toad is waiting for you there
  • Luncheon Kingdom: Captain Toad is in the Pink Lava marshes- you need to possess a fireball to get to him for this one

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