Team Fortress 2 hitting the Mac; Engineer gets new weapons

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A mammoth new Steam update has unlocked Team Fortress 2 for the Mac- and it’s available to play right now.

A new post on the Team Fortress 2 website has made the official announcement.

We’d originally planned to tease out today’s update over the course of 19 deviously brain-twisting blog posts, each containing a mercurially complex riddle hinting at the nature of the update. Unfortunately, everybody seems to have cracked the subtle rhyming codex embedded in our first blog post, which was actually supposed to be the most unsolvable of the 19.
So anyway. Team Fortress 2’s available on the Mac now.
Or is it?
No, it is. Sorry, that was Riddle #17. It seemed a shame to let it go to waste.
As part of the celebration, TF2 will be FREE to play all weekend, and 50% off to purchase. We’ve also got a little treat for anybody logging into the game from a Mac.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mac users will be getting some new exclusive content to go along with the release. Coming in under ‘Micellaneous’, new earbuds will be available for all classes to wear.
From the TF2 website;
‘For the first time, Mac users can experience the head-covering excitement by getting online this weekend and playing America’s #1 war-themed hat simulator for themselves. Anyone logging into the game from a Mac will receive a limited edition set of in-game earbuds to wear on any class. PC users won’t technically receive anything by logging in from a PC, unless you like shooting at Mac users–in which case, consider this earbud promotion a new “shirts vs. skins”-style game mode.’
Check out the new Mac update trailer below.

More interestingly however, stills from the new trailer suggest that along with the Mac update, the Engineer update may finally have landed.
Yep, you read right folks- our stills, courtesy of Olly Fisher, show a brand new shotgun for the Engineer. It’s got a scope, it looks awesome- it’s one pimpin’ shotgun.
The new update also adds a new menu screen displaying achievements and more.
Check out the shots below.



Viewers have also noticed that in the fourth shot, from the new TF2 menu screen, the text in the top reads, ‘Pyro: Why don’y you give her a shot?’- almost firmly, finally, confirming that the Pyro is indeed female.
Thanks very much to Soviet Sam for finding this for us.

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