The Callisto Protocol Guide – All Weapons And Items, Their Schematics Locations And How To Upgrade Them To Max Level

A complete guide to all the weapons, their schematic locations and upgrades in the game.

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the callisto protocol

There are not a lot of weapons and items in The Callisto Protocol. While some are provided at the beginning of the game, the rest you have to search for as you keep playing. You can equip any combination of weapons depending on your playstyle, but you have to upgrade them as the enemies get tougher. This guide discusses all of the weapon and items locations along with the different upgrades available for each of them.

There are seven different weapons and items (nine if you count the Shiv and the Pickaxe) in the game. Four of them unlock automatically during the story. You’ll have to find the schematics for the rest. Although there is no best loadout, the following weapon combinations seemed to work best for most players:

  • Stun Baton – For close up encounters.
  • Skunk Gun – Perfect for dealing high damage at super close distances.
  • Riot Gun – High damage dealer if you want to quickly kill enemies. You can switch with the Tactical Pistol if you have good aim.
  • Hand Cannon – Go to damage dealers at a respectable distance. You can switch with the Assault Rifle if you have decent aiming skills.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the locations and upgrades for each of the in-game weapons.


Jacob gives you the shiv during the Outbreak chapter so that you can defend yourself as you navigate the dark corridors of the Black Iron Prison.


You can find the Pickaxe during the Outbreak Chapter inside the Central Central tower. It’s not an upgradeable weapon.

Stun Baton

After starting out with the pickaxe, the Stun Baton is the first proper weapon you unlock after about an hour of playtime. You will find the weapon in the Outbreak Chapter, where you stumble across a guard lying next to a command console. It’s similar to the pickaxe, with one key difference being that it’s upgradeable at a Forge. Note that this will replace the Pickaxe.

Upgrade (Unlock Cost)DescriptionFeaturesCost
Riot Control Swing (300)Heavier but slower attacks.Damage Upgrade 1 – More damage

Damage Upgrade 2 – Even more damage
900 for Upgrade 1

2700 for Upgrade 2
Block Counter Attack (300)A follow up attack after blocking an enemy strike.Blocking Protection – Reduce the amount of damage taken while blocking

Blocking Feedback Damage – Damages an enemy while blocking.
900 for Upgrade 1

2700 for Upgrade 2
Velocity Alloy Sheath (300)Increase combo length.Block Break – Break the enemy’s arm if they try to block a strike.

Targeting Module – Increases the probability to snap to a critical part of the body after a combo.
900 for Upgrade 1

2700 for Upgrade 2

Tip: Focus on the Riot Control Swing and Velocity Sheath paths. The first level upgrades are cheap and are more impactful during a fight.


You’ll come across the GRP during the Aftermath Chapter, right next to the back entrance of the Medical area. There is a stretcher with a dead guy who has the weapon on him. It’s quite a flexible weapon that you can use to pick up both enemies and explosive canisters.

UpgradeDescriptionFeatures + Cost
Recharge RateIncrease the GRP recharge rate.Small: 300
Medium: 900
Max: 2700
EnergyIncrease the GRP’s energy capacity.Small: 300
Medium: 900
Max: 2700
GRP VelocityIncrease GRP launch strength.Small: 300
Medium: 900
Max: 2700

Tip: Use the GRP to create space in close quarter combat. To get the most out of it, look for spinning fans, spiked walls, and fire chasms to throw your enemies into. Practice using the GRP in short bursts and focus on its recharge rate and velocity. Keep the energy capacity upgrade for last.

Hand Cannon

Elias gives you the Hand Cannon after you reunite with him during the Aftermath chapter. It’s one of the more powerful weapons in the entire game, and you’ll be using it quite often.

StabilityReduces weapon recoil upon firing200
High Capacity MagazineIncreases clip size to a total of 10 rounds.200
Magnum RoundsDeals more damage600
TK23 BulletsUnlocks an alternate fire mode with explosive rounds1800

Note: The alternate mode uses five rounds of ammunition instead of one, so use them with caution or you’ll run out of ammo quickly. The gun has a lot of stopping power, and since you’ll be using it in close quarters or cramped spaces (stealth is out of the question), get the bigger magazine and magnum round upgrade first before getting the stability and TK23 bullets.

Skunk Gun

The Skunk Gun is a shotgun pistol. It can pretty much one shot most enemies, but the small magazine size is a problem in group fights. It’s the first optional weapon in the game, and you can find the schematic in a number of places.

To get it as soon as possible, head to the dropped down area just after escaping the falling elevator. There’s a door that needs a fuse to open and a bunch of enemies beside it. Search for the fuse and use it to open the gate. Now climb through the air vent to reach the Botanical Recycling Room, where you’ll find the schematics.

High Capacity MagazineAttaches two extra barrels400
StabilityIncreases clip size to a total of 10 rounds.400
Magnum Rounds DamageMore damage1200
Swarming RoundsUnlocks an alternate fire mode with homing rounds3600

Note: The homing rounds consume two rounds of ammo instead of one. Combined with the high reload time of the weapon, it can take a while. You’re better off switching to another weapon or making sure your health is full before engaging.

Tactical Pistol

You’ll find the Tactical Pistol in the Below chapter. It’s located in an underground area where you eventually wake up hanging upside down. Once you free yourself, keep moving until you stumble upon a room with spiked walls. The enemies here will be blinded. Sneak past them to the other side by squeezing through a narrow doorway. You’ll find the pistol on a desk towards the end of the room.

Magnum Round DamageIncreases damage300
High Capacity MagazineBigger magazine900
StabilityLess recoil900
TK33 BurstUnlocks an alternate five round burst mode3600

Note: The overall DPS of the pistol is quite low, but combined with the burst mode, you can deal a lot of damage very quickly. Start off with the burst mode upgrade, then stability, magnum rounds, and a bigger magazine. The gun has a nasty kickback after every shot, so get the stability upgrade as soon as possible. Even then, you’ll have to learn to control your recoil if you want to land your shots more consistently.

Riot Gun

Dani gives you a Riot gun when you meet him in the Below Chapter. It’s not an optional weapon, so it’s impossible to miss it. The damage it deals is somewhat less compared to the Skunk Gun, but it has a better range that lets you engage enemies from a distance. The gun is usually the go to damage dealer for most enemies.

StabilityReduces recoil300
Magnum Rounds DamageIncreases damage300
High Capacity MagazineAttaches an eight-shot drum to the gun900
Explosive RoundsUnlocks an alternate fire mode with explosive rounds2700

Note: The burst mode deals a ton of damage but consumes four ammo per shot, so be careful when using it against a large group of enemies.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle schematic is located in the Colony level. You’ll find it once you reach the miners’ settlement. The colony consists of container-style houses and is hard to miss. Keep traveling until you come across a building with a “General Store” sign. Go through the building to the other side, and you’ll see a bathroom to the left with a flickering light. The schematic for the rifle should be in front of the mirrors.

High Capacity MagazineBigger magazine500
Magnum Rounds DamageDeals more damage1500
StabilityReduces weapon recoil4500
TK63 HomingUnlocks an alternate fire mode with homing rounds4500

Note: The normal fire mode recoils a lot, so if you don’t want to waste your ammo, get the recoil upgrade as soon as possible. The homing rounds deal a ton of damage and are easier to land shots with. But it also consumes two rounds per shot, so use it judiciously.

Never use full automatic mode with normal bullets, as bullets will fly everywhere but the target. Full auto with homing rounds lands more consistently, but the ammo economy is not great.

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