The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – All Zonai Devices And What They Do

A look at all the Zonai devices in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

Zonai Devices are ancient relics in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which can be combined with each other using Ultrahand, or with equipment using Fusion, in order to create new gameplay mechanics. This guide will detail all the Zonai Devices available in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as well as all currently known fusions.

Zonai Devices and Ultrahand

In the construction of mechanisms using Ultrahand, the Zonai Devices can do the following:


“A Zonai device that rises when filled with hot air. The hotter the air, the quicker it rises.”

Essentially a component for a hot-air balloon, ascent is purely vertical when the Balloon is used by itself with nothing but a heat source.


“A Zonai device that holds concentrated Zonai-charge energy. Use it to provide temporary power for other Zonai devices.”

If the Zonai mechanism needs power, then this basic power storage medium will provide all the Zonai charge you desire.

Beam Emitter

“A Zonai device that shoots a light beam from its horn, inflicting damage at great range.”

A directed energy weapon, this one will just blast away anything caught in its beam and with exceptional range as well.

Big Battery

“A battery with improved compression rate. Though disposable, it holds multiple times as much energy as a normal battery.”

A supersized version of the basic Battery. The Big Battery is a rare reward.

Big Wheel

“A powered Zonai device that wants to move! It’s a big, mean wheel that excels at tearing through environments that might challenge smaller wheels. It can handle shallow water.”

Another basic powered wheel, but twice as large and more versatile when it comes to traversing the expanses of Hyrule, steeper inclines, and even certain depths of water.


“A Zonai device that fires shots in intervals. The shot explodes when hitting the target. It’s a powerful device, but it can be tricky to get the firing angle just right.”

This heavy ballistic weapon fires energized shots for large amounts of damage on impact. The Cannon fires intermittently and the shots have to be aimed just right.


“A Zonai device built to move efficiently over flat surfaces. Apply force to get it moving, so long as it has a power source.”

The Cart is a ready to use basic vehicle template, with tiny little wheels built-in, that you can use to travel around after applying a little initial force.

Construct Head

“A Zonai device that always faces whatever it deems an enemy. Attach a combat Zonai device to the head for homing attacks.”

The Construct Head takes it a step further and will adjust its facing towards hostiles.


“A Zonai device that produces wind with its internal propeller. It’s likely that the Zonai made smart use of this wind power to transport objects and generate thrust.”

A Zonai Device for providing thrust and propulsion, the Fan works especially well when combined with the Wing.

Flame Emitter

“A Zonai device that shoots fire. It’s thought to have been originally used as protection from monsters.”

Spouts Flame as one would expect. The Flame Emitter can provide lift in combination with the Balloon.

Frost Emitter

“A Zonai device that blasts out freezing air, handy for slowing and defeating some monsters. Also, some materials change their properties when exposed to very cold air.”

Another offensive Zonai Device, the Frost Emitter can freeze targets.

Homing Cart

“A Zonai device that automatically heads for monsters. It’s believed to have been used by the Zonai as a security measure.”

This Cart is useful for automatically navigating towards hostile creatures. What is done to the target is another matter entirely.

Hover Stone

“A Zonai device that can defy gravity and hang in place. Ages ago, the Zonai may have used this technology to create islands that float in the sky.”

The Hover Stone provides a low degree of vertical lift, much lower than the Rocket or the Fan, and only up to a certain height.


“A Zonai device that gushes water when struck. According to legend, sky islands saw water shortages long ago but became lush and fertile thanks to this technology.”

A portable water source that can be useful during certain puzzles, extinguishing fires,  among other applications, farming perhaps?


“A Zonai device that can bring light to dark places. It shines in one direction, and its light doesn’t reach too far, but it can come in handy on dark roads or in caves.”

A portable light source for when you get tired of lugging around Sticks for torches.


“A Zonai device that focuses and reflects light. It can provide powerful, long-distance illumination that can ward off some monsters.”

Another puzzle solving Zonai Device with potential utility reflecting light and warding hostiles.

Portable Pot

“A Zonai device for cooking food almost anytime, anywhere. It lasts for cooking one recipe only. The device is easier to use on flat surfaces.”

Quite possibly the single most important Zonai Device, if you rely on recipes a lot. Unfortunately, it is single use only.


“A Zonai device that produces powerful thrust. It packs a punch but burns out quickly.”

The Rocket provides very rapid, but also very brief, propulsion compared to the Fan and the Hover Stone.

Small Wheel

“A powered Zonai device that spins quickly and is best suited for flat surfaces. It doesn’t handle hills, or even bumps, very well.”

Just a basic powered wheel. The Small Wheel performs as expected on flat, even ground, but cannot handle rough terrain, certain small obstructions, or inclines beyond a certain angle.

Shock Emitter

“A Zonai device that shoots a shocking bolt from its horn when struck. Oddly, only the horn conducts the bolt. The rest of the head is safe to hold.”

Used to electrocute and stun targets.


“A Zonai device with a slick underside that minimizes friction. Probably used to convey things over grass and sand in ancient times.”

The Sled is basically a wheel-less Cart with a super smooth under surface for traversing grass and sand. Works exceptionally well on flat terrain and can likely attain the highest speed of any land vehicle when combined with the right thrust-providing Zonai Devices.


“A Zonai device that contracts and then expands with enough power to bounce objects away from it.”

A component Zonai Device for use in larger mechanisms to provide a springy or bouncy effect.


“A perfectly balanced Zonai device that stands upright when activated. It was used to secure footholds in unstable places, such as sky islands.”

A gyro of sorts, the Stabilizer will ensure that anything it is connected to, will not topple over just like that.


“A Zonai device that can be fixed in place in the ground or on a wall. They’ve been used as footholds and building foundations because of their immovability when planted.”

A very basic Zonai Device that can be used as a building block in a larger mechanism, or anything else really, including as footholds and barriers.

Steering Stick

“A Zonai device that can control direction when attached to a conveyance. It’ll activate all connected Zonai devices at once.”

This Zonai Device provides nuanced movement abilities to vehicles through manual player control.

Time Bomb

“A Zonai device for a timed explosion. Its blast can activate other Zonai devices.”

Detonated explosive device, the Time Bomb is great for traps and the like.


“A Zonai device that can harness lift to ride the wind. To fly farther, try balancing in the center of the wing.”

Provides lift and will glide making it important for getting airborne. The Wing is quite capable of flight on its own without the use of other Zonai Devices in tandem. Moving around over its upper surface allows for very basic flight control.

Zonai Devices and Fusion

With regards to equipment fusions using the Fuse ability, the Zonai Devices that are known to work are:

Beam Emitter

The Beam Emitter focuses a linear energy charge when blocking with shields.


The Cannon can be strapped to a shield to fire at enemies when blocking with it.


This unexpected fusion with Shields can create the Cart Shield, for enhanced mobility while shield-surfing, making it a longboard of sorts.


Hilariously blows hostiles around when attacking or shielding with the Fan.

Flame Emitter

The Flame Emitter breathes flame when both striking with weapons, and blocking with shields.


When fused to a shield, the Hydrant will blast water in a linear pattern when blocking with it.


If the Light Zonai Device is strapped to a shield, it will function as a makeshift flashlight when blocking.


When blocking with a shield in sunlight or moonlight, the Mirror will reflect that light linearly.

Portable Pot

The Portable Pot raises Attack by 1 when fused with weapons, oddly enough.


Adds 10 to Attack power. Lashed to a shield, the Rocket can get you airborne rapidly, before dissipating from a single use. The move will automatically deploy the glider when Link reaches the apex of the rocket ride.

Shock Emitter

The Shock Emitter focuses a linear electric charge when blocking with shields.


Just like the Cart Shield fusion, but shield-surfing is now greatly enhanced on sand, snow, and grass through the Sled’s natural reduction in friction.


The Spring can be fused with a Shield for a single-use pogostick-like launch capability. Quite a bit of height can be achieved with this particular fusion. Enemies that strike the fused shield will be staggered, and this use-case is unlimited.

Time Bomb

Just like fusing Bomb Flowers and Bomb Barrels, the Time Bomb fused to a Shield will explode with massive force when struck by an enemy, dealing heavy damage to everyone but Link himself, and activating any Zonai devices in the blast zone. Shield-surfing will launch Link to great heights, rivaling that of the Rocket and Spring fusions.


When the Wing is fused with a Shield, it has the opposite effect of Cart while shield-surfing, by reducing mobility. Shield-jump, on the other hand, is enhanced slightly.

And that is every Zonai Device that can be found in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Bear in mind, that both constructs and fusions drain battery when actively used. There are endless possibilities when it comes to snapping Zonai Devices together like Legos, or fusing them with other equipment, so get experimenting!

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