The London Heist Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about The London Heist.

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The London Heist Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

The London Heist


SCE London Studio

PS4, Playstation VR

Genre:First Person Shooter

Release Date:2016

The London Heist is a first person action shooter game that is being developed exclusively for the PS4 and the PlayStation VR headset. The headset is one that is designed to put players into the action in a way that they can’t get when they are playing even the most picturesque current generation games. The London Heist is expected to be a launch title for the PlayStation VR and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2016.

The game is being developed by SCE London Studio and published by Sony. The project is being led by George Andreas and while most of his recent work has been on PlayStation VR games like The Deep and The London Heist he has a long history in the video game business. Andreas has credits on games like Goldeneye and Donkey Kong 64, and was a joint creator of Banjo Kazooie. He also went on to creatively direct the award winning Kinect Sports series.

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The London Heist was officially unveiled as a PlayStation VR (then known as Morpheus in the spring of 2015 with a trailer and a short playable demo. The game was then better introduced to the world at E3 2015. Along with a new trailer, the developers made a playable demo available that allows for users to play three different scenes in the game. The Heist, The Getaway and The Interrogation were unveiled as a way to show users three very distinct aspects of the VR experience in the game. The game brought more videos and screenshots alongside an appearance at Paris Games Week in October of 2015.

The company has announced the game will be released at some point in 2016, though it hasn’t set an official release date. Industry analysts estimate The London Heist will be a launch title alongside the PlayStation VR.


London Heist

The specifics of the story behind The London Heist aren’t known, though there are some details that can be taken from the various demos and videos that have been making the rounds. The player takes the role of one of a number members of a robbery crew. We know there are a couple of scenes that take part in the game, including one where the user is inside an abandoned back street garage. You’re not alone in this garage as you are sitting and  facing a mysterious character who is reaching for a blow torch as he is asking you questions. The player must find a way to get out of this situation safe and sound, going through a number of motions and interactions.

In The Heist, the player finds themselves in a rather ornate study, and you soon discover that you are behind the scenes at a very lavish party. The goal of this scene is to have the player search the desk in front of them to find a rather large and obviously expensive diamond. Eventually the player does find the diamond and that is when the real action begins as several goons descend upon you all trying to stop you from getting out of the den alive.

The third scene we have managed to get a good look at is called the getaway and players find themselves waking up in a van driving through the outskirts of London just as the light of dawn begins to sweep across the city. The player will need to both check out and interact with their environment in order to get a feel for the crew they are working with and foe, all the while the player is being talked to by a revved up partner. During the conversation between the player’s cohort, users will be able to explore their environment, as well as take a drink, turn on the radio and listen to some music, and have a real conversation before your car is quickly and rather brutally attacked by a private army of well-armed Russian mobsters who appear to want to exact revenge on your and your crew for a so far, unknown wrong committed.


London Heist 1

The movements and reactions to the virtual reality environment is largely handled using two Playstation Move controllers while you see everything that is going on around you wearing the PlayStation VR helmet. The game doesn’t actually show the player’s character but when there is a need to interact with something in the environment, the player is represented by a pair of disembodied gloves or hands. The game is presented in a first person point of view.

When it comes to the action in the game, players are able to reach forward and grab the handgun in the shootout scene, and they have to manually pick up clips and slide them into the bottom of the gun to reload. by tapping the bottom of one Move wand to the top of the other. When it comes to getting through the interrogation scene, the man who is asking the player questions will actually follow your eyes and look at what the player is looking at. The way the player interacts with the person who is interrogating you will also change the way the interrogation goes to some degree.


London Heist 2

While there have been a number of characters introduced in the game, there isn’t a great deal known about any of the characters or any kind of backstory for the main character beyond being part of some sort of criminal enterprise. There is the partner the player talks to during the car chase scene who talks about other people you are supposed to work with and the people who are chasing you. The car chase partner actually talks about the Russians being on your tale, but there isn’t an explanation as to why or if there is a main boss the player will eventually meet.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game

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