The Order: 1886 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about The Order: 1886.

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The Order: 1886 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

The Order 1886


Ready at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Studio


Genre:Action Adventure

Release Date:2014

The Order: 1886 is an upcoming, brand new action adventure video game that is currently in development by Ready at Dawn and the massively successful, Sony owned development entity, SCE Sony Santa Monica Studios.

The game is currently set to be published by SCE Sony Computer Entertainment and is slated for an exclusive launch for the PlayStation 4.  The game was first officially unveiled at E3 2013 during the Sony press conference. There is no definitive launch date at the moment, but the game will be available on blu-ray retail release sometime in 2014.

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The development period has been (like many next generation titles) a long one, this is an attempt to assure that the developers have time to deliver a quality product for what will be a comparatively young console. The Order: 1886’s creative director Ru Weerasuriya have both revealed that the game has actually been in the works since some time in 2010, whether this means the game was actively being developed at the time or was purely in its conceptual stages is unknown. The reasoning behind the creation of The Order: 1886 is still relatively unknown with creative director Ru Weerasuriya was noted to have said that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was partly responsible for wanting to release a new third person shooter.

Uncharted is a third person shooter, action adventure game from industry renowned  studio Naughty Dog. As of December 2011 the game has sold in excess of 5 million copies. In an interview Ru Weerasuriya  said, “It’s that emotion they created in people, I remember even before the first Uncharted was released, internally there were talks of it. We know the Naughty Dog guys really well. They’re very close to where we are and very close to us in so many ways as a team.We realized what they were trying to create. The first one came out and they were setting up an IP. And then with the second game suddenly they created an emotion in people of that Hollywood blockbuster.” [reference]

When discussing the Uncharted games later in the same interview he goes on to elaborate that they want to bring a similar Hollywood style feeling to their upcoming PS4 exclusive, not to try and ape Uncharted but use the formula to create a compelling and unique gaming experience. “We’re not trying to emulate things they’ve done moment to moment. We’re trying to give people that similar sense of entertainment. Entertainment comes in big Hollywood blockbusters and small indie movies – it’s that. Games don’t do that enough.Sometimes you get just stuck in one gameplay sequence or one thing you do all the way through. They gave us a multitude of things that created a whole. Once you played the game you felt, wow, that was a great ride. That’s where the inspiration came from.”

Ultimately closing his reasons for wanting to create a game inspired by Uncharteds style and game feel, he simply said “That’s what drove us to do this”. With an estimated 4 year development period already behind it, SCE and Ready at Dawn are confident that their predicted 2014 launch window will be met.



The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternate history some time in the seventh or eighth century BC (presumably in England) wherein an order of knights are tasked with doing battle against the forces of half bred, part human part monster creatures. The Order refers to an order  knights, more specifically the Knights of the Round Table, a force of warriors serving under King Arthur. After discovering a mysterious liquid that grants the user long life and previously unheard of regenerative healing capabilities they start to battle the half breeds on a more equal playing field.

Despite these new physical prowess and the advanced technologies of the time, the half breeds continue to win the war against humanity and the knights. But now the year is 1886 and the beasts are still winning the conflict, but there is a new trouble rearing its head, whilst the order protect the high class and wealthy the same cannot be said for the lower classes who have started to rebel against the social order and their nobles. And in this time of crisis a rebellion bodes well for neither those taking part in it, or those who have allowed it to happen.



No actual gameplay has been shown of The Order: 1886, but given its “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” inspiration and the third person shooter genre placement it is likely that the game aims to be a highly cinematic experience with a minimalistic HUD interface and a focus in engaging intelligent enemies in a variety of environments. With alternate history settings and the inclusion of alternate history weaponry players can expect to see electric weaponry being employed in equal amounts to more traditional ballistic and propellent based weapons.  The game’s regenerative capabilities will likely take the place of health kits and other healing items.



Sebastian Mallory – Sebastian Mallory is the oldest living knight currently serving the order, he is understood to be one of the best knights that the order has to offer and is a close friend to Grayson. His adopted name is Sir Percivil (The 2nd).

Grayson – Grayson has been doing battle with the half breeds for several years, with Mallory as his mentor he is known to be a highly capable knight within the ranks of the order. His adopted name is Sir Galahad (The 3rd).

Isabeau D’Argyll – Isabeau is one of the youngest knights in the order, she may appear to be young by normal standards (appearing to be in her twenties) she is still considerably older than most living civilians. Were it not for her duties in the order she would undoubtedly be Grayson’s lover. Her adopted name is Lady Igraine.

Marquis de Lafayette – Lafayette was at one point in time an officer in the ranks of the French military. He has served in conflict before, having taken part in both the French and American revolutionary wars. It was this battle capability and tactical expertise that made the order take notice of him. Sir Percivil (Sebastian Mallory) approached him and recruited him into the ranks of the Order. Lafayette is the youngest of the four and serves as an apprentice. Warriors in the order that have apprentice rank do not yet have the distinction to bear the name of a true Knight of the Round Table.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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