The Star Citizen FPS Team Might Have Gone A Bit Overboard

They promised basically everything in a recent Reddit AMA.

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Star Citizen looks amazing. It looks like the game to end all other games, with a staggering scope and expanse, and a realization of multiple game genres, in many cases far better than dedicated games in those genres ever manage it. But in a recent AMA on Reddit, the Star Citizen FPS team may have gone slightly overboard. They seem to be promising everything possible in the game.

Foe example, a fan asked them to illustrate what the first person shooter gameplay might be like in the game. Here was their response:

“I’m a stealthy, solo player. I find a wrecked ship, i know scavengers will be around soon. I find a crate and put myself in it. I let the scavengers take the crate and put me in their ship. When i’m on their ship, some time later, i get out of the crate. Very quietly, i rummage around and find some goodies i like. I steal those… now i can either – A) Jump out the airlock and call a ride or B) go to their engine room and self destruct their ship or C) quietly hunt and execute the entire staff and take their ship…. or Z) they could have scanned the crate properly before loading it, blasted it with their ship and me with it…”

That sounds like a game that is far beyond modern programming constraints. It sounds boundless, limitless, it seems to process enough variables as to generate realistic situations and responses on the fly. Personally? I’d love for that to be true, and honestly, if any game were to do that, Star Citizen would be it. But I’m just not so sure right now.

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