The Surge Mega Guide: Implants, Cheats, Unlimited And Infinite Health, Collectibles Locations, Armor Types And More

A complete guide for The Surge.

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The Surge Mega Guide: Implants, Cheats, Unlimited And Infinite Health, Collectibles Locations, Armor Types And More

The Surge is Deck 13’s newest game, a science fiction Souls-like that also messes with the formula of the genre a fair bit. A far more confident game than the the development team’s previous effor, this one is a title that all fans of action RPGS, and anyone who has ever found themselves wishing for a science fiction Souls game, should definitely check out.

It’s a pretty large game, too. So to help you navigate all that it has, we’re here with this guide. In this guide, you’ll find cheats for unlimited and infinite Stamina, Energy, Injectables, Consumables, Health, how to defeat all bosses, basic tips and tricks, Schematics and Overcharge levelling up, gear and armour types, collectibles and locations for Ferguson Audiologs, Mallory’s Audiologs, Liberator Audiologs and Iron Maus Comic’s, implants along with videos for some trophies and achivements.

The Surge is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Basic Tips And Tricks:

  • Bank your scrap. Banking your scrap means you don’t lose it if you die.
  • Interact with everything! Who knows what you will find?
  • Don’t get too aggressive. Always leave some distance between yourself and your enemy.
  • Keep your duplicate implants. They can stack, and enhance the effects you get from them.
  • Pay attention to signage in levels and keep notes of areas you can’t access.

How To Level Up:

As much as The Surge takes cues from Dark Souls, it has its own very unique spin on leveling up.In this section of the guide, we give you a quick primer on how to stay on top of the leveling mechanics:

Core Power: Unlike other Souls-likes, you don’t invest your EXP/Currency into different stats to level up. Instead, all of it goes towards your Core Power (i.e. your Level), which also increases your health each time it goes up.

Your Core Power is what is used up each time you equip Gear. For instance, your head gear may cost 4 Core Power, while your armor costs 6 Core Power- to equip these, you need to be at least Level 10.

Implants are what you equip to unlock skills that you can use. These allow you to change your build and loadout on the fly. These use up Core Power when equipped, too.

Tech Scrap is the currency that is used to level up. Think of it as this game’s equivalent of Souls.

All Boss Fights:

What is a Souls-like game without some spectacular bosses? The Surge has some great boss fights, and if you need help working your way through them- well, we’ve got you covered.

All Gear And Armor Types:

Dark Souls, and games of its ilk, have a legacy of having a lot of fantastic loot- The Surge is no different. In this section, we walk you through a quick overview of all the different kinds of Gear you can find in this game.

Rhino Gear

Elite Hazard Gear

Lynx Gear

Scarab Gear

Chrysalis Gear

Mg Cerberus Gear

Black Cerberus Gear

Elite Hazard Gear

Mg Gorgon Gear

Collectibles Locations:

What is an RPG without collectibles? Well, it’s an RPG without collectibles. Thankfully, The Surge does not have to suffer the indignity of being one. Instead, there are a lot of collectibles for you to find.

Liberator Audiologs

Iron Maus Comics

Ferguson Audiologs

Mallory’s Logs

Advanced Tips and Tricks:

Once you have understood the basics of The Surge, you will find that you can do a lot more with the game i you have an understanding of some of its more intricate nuances and mechanics. In this section of the guide, we walk you through some of those:

  • Schematics are what you need to build different kinds of gear. For instance, if you want the Scarab Gear, you need to target an enemy wearing Scarab armor. You need to target specific body parts to unlock different kinds of armor. Once you damage it enough, the enemy drops that armor or gear piece, and you can pick it ip and deconstruct it to gain its schematic. You can later on use this to reconstruct that piece for yourself.
  • Overcharge is actually a rather basic, but important, functionality in The Surge. You can use it at junctions are usually located near powerlines and pipes, allowing you to change the current flow in a circuit, and open or close a door, switch on lights or power them down, and so on. Your capacity for Overcharge scales up with your overall level (i.e. core power).

Cheats And Cheat Codes (Unlimited and infinite Stamina, Energy, Injectables, Consumables, Health):

Please be advised that the following methods are to be used at the sole discretion of the system owner. GamingBolt or its staff members take no responsibility for problems that may arise or issues that may occur from trying the below.

Do you want to do more with The Surge than the rules of the game permit you to? You can always fiddle around with the game, use some cheats, and do things that you were never intended to do. You can find a cheat engine table here, if you wish to do so- just keep in mind that this may have unintended consequences for your game, and that you do so at your own risk.

The Best Implants:

Implants in The Surge are like rings in Dark Souls– and equipping them can give you some pretty cool abilities and bonuses. Here are some of the best ones that you should consider equipping:

  • Vanadium E-Cell: Your maximum energy scales with your Core Power (and is increased)
  • Vital Boost: Your maximum health scales with your Core Power
  • Aggression Amplifier: Restores health after every finishing move
  • Blue X Cables: Reduces cost for finishing moves

Achivements And Trohies Guide:

I’ll Be Back
Died for the first time

Sorry, I Dropped This 
Found your lost Tech Scrap after dying

Melting Down 
Defeated all five smelting machines

Right Tool for the Job 
Upgraded a weapon using the Nano Core crafting component

Man of Steel 
Upgraded a full gear set using the Nano Core crafting component

Core Power 
Reached a Core Power of 80

Jack of All Trades 
Reached level 5 weapon proficiency in each of the weapon types

Nothing to Lose 
Carried more than 50,000 Tech Scrap

Defeated a boss while carrying at least 20,000 Tech Scrap

Acquired a full set of GOLIATH gear

Acquired a full set of OPERATOR gear

Acquired a full set of SENTINEL gear

The Surge
Unlocked all achievements

Defeated the Pacification Automaton X

Defeated the LU-74 “Firebug”

Big Sister 
Defeated the Big SISTR 1/3

The Black Cerberus 
Defeated the security chief of Echelon 9

Brave New World 
Finish the game without corrupting the Utopia protocols

For the Good of Mankind 
Finish the game after corrupting the Utopia protocols

On My Own Two Feet 
Acquired your personal CREO Exo-Rig

Hey Listen
Acquired your personal CREO companion drone

CREO Killed the Video Star 
Met Don Hackett

Gear Up 
Enhanced your Exo-Rig for the first time

Received the security upgrade for your Exo-Rig

Who’s in Charge Here? 
Found the Board

Turing Test 
Met Sally in person

It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers! 
Acquired the Iron Maus gear

Sunglasses at Night 
Found yourself some sunglasses

Pusher Man 
Helped someone refill their supply of medicine

Repeat Customer 
Gave Jo Tech Scrap three times

Shall Not Pass 
Defeated the guard at the NUCLEUS elevator

Accompanied a lost soul on her quest to find herself

Ghost in the Machine 
Accompanied a father and his little daughter on their way through the facility

Follow the White Rabbit 
Found all of Mallory’s audio logs

First Day on the Job 
Acquired your selected job gear

Found all audio logs about the infamous “Liberator”

Raging Drones 
Found all audio logs from and about Ferguson

Evolution Theory 
Found all of Dr. Murphy’s audio logs.

Butcher’s Bill 
Cut each limb from human enemies at least once

Most Wanted 
Provoked and defeated the security forces in Central Production B

Defeated the vending machine cult

It’s Blue Light 
Killed an enemy in a dark zone using the ASTir SpecterBite

I Choose You 
Found a BOTECS Power Core for your companion drone

Homo Machinalis 
Killed Barrett after his transformation into Homo Machinalis

Was That Yours? 
Defeated a boss with its own weapon

Guard Dog 
Acquired the complete Black Cerberus gear and the MG Judge

Sniffing Around 
Completed your Iron Maus comic collection

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