There Is A Watch Dogs Mod for GTA4

And it looks pretty great!

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GTA4 may have been a pretty shitty, unoptimized port back when it was originally released for the PC in 2008, but since then, the community has worked wonders on it, and the series of mods that it has gotten have breathed new life into the game. Sort of like a precursor to Dark Souls, really (except it wasn’t Dark Souls levels of bad, the port I mean).

Even though GTA5 is due to be out on PC some time later this year, the modding community for GTA4 is still active, and still churning out some pretty neat stuff. One of these is a new mods that essentially turns GTA4 into Watch Dogs, the Ubisoft open world action adventure game that released earlier this year. It’s out now, and it looks pretty darn neat.

The full extent of the features added by this mod are:


-Payphone, ticket machine and ATM – Explode
-Wall lights – Burst
-ATM – Free money
-Trains – Stop, Go, Return
-Traffic lights – Confuse drivers making them crash
-Road block – Block the road/street
-Cameras – View camera live video
-Pop Machines – Release soda cans
-Parked cars – Trip alarm

-Walk/stand over train in movement
-Idle anim (hands in pocket)
-Small gun anim (hide gun)
-Custom walk, run and sprint anims
-Put/remove scarf
-Improved cops shoot accuracy
-Improved cops driving
-ctOS wanted level system (pre-wanted + witness call + scan = wanted level)
-Take down attacks
-”Weapon wheel” HUD
-Radar borders
-Health indicator below radar
-Health regeneration up to 50%
-Victims damage indicator
-Player attacker indicator
-Blood effect for player damage
-Waypoint indicator
-Dynamic camera position
-Maybe something that i can’t remember now

Insert – Show mods menu
E – Hack targeted item (X: Left Bumper)
R – Toggle actual item hack options (for items with multiple options) (X: Button A)
R – Cancel camera hack (X: Button B)
Hold F close to a ped – Perform a “take down” attack (X: Button Y)
Hold T – Show “weapon wheel”, tap to fast switch between armed/unarmed (X: Right Bumper)
Mouse scroll in weapon wheel – Change gun/item in selected slot (X: DPad left/right)

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file

You can download the mod here, if you are interested.

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