Top 10 Must Have Graphical Enhancements Modifications For Skyrim

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Skyrim on the PC is the most definitive version of the game. Why? One word – mods. User generated content can be a really good thing, as we’ve seen from plenty of PC games out there which have been transformed for the better by the community.

This guide is mainly for the PC version of the game, and if you’re playing this on the console, well this may come in handy for the future. The game just came out a few weeks ago, so these mods are still primitive, so don’t expect much. Although, the way they have been made available for the game so fast is a remarkable achievement.

Make sure you meet the recommended requirements to run the game, as some of these mods could make your PC slow down to a crawl. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. There is a nude mod as well, but we won’t be showing that here, because let’s be honest… it’s lame.

Note: Most of the mods will be available in the Skyrim Nexus, so I recommend you download the Nexus Mod Manager, which makes it easier for you to manage the mods. You can download that over here.

So here are the top 10 graphical enhancement mods for Skyrim:

1. Glowing Ore Veins 300:

Have you ever wondered where you have to do to find some valuable ores for mining? Well, this mod will make it easier for you. It’s a funny thing, actually. Whenever I find an Ore on my travels, I always forget to carry a pickaxe, so don’t make the same mistake!

This mod serves to make the game’s ore veins much more visible, especially in darker environments. It accomplishes this by adding glow maps to each of the individual ore vein textures. This gives them a subtle glow that appears brighter as the ambient lighting become darker. Without the mod, ore veins are very difficult to see and really don’t stand out much against the rocks around them.

2. Sunglare Mod:

As the name says this is just a small visual tweak mod that adds sunglare. It gives a nice pleasant look when you are wandering around the lands of Skyrim. It isn’t a highly recommend mod but its nice to have. This is a nice and “cinematic” sunglare for Skyrim. Hope this’ll warm up your adventures in those cold mountains! 

3. No More Blocky Faces, Detailed Faces & Bodies’ Mods:

This mod is mostly for improving the look of the NPCs in the world of Skyrim. Sometimes people can look really generic and have irregular blocky faces. This mod changes all that and also adds a lot of detail to the faces. The detailed bodies mod also improves the general look of the NPCs and they feel much more settled in the environment.

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