Top 10 Startling Speedruns In Video Games

With a rainbow of choice for speedruns out there, you’re sure to find what you like but these are some of best you will come across.

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Speedruns have been around forever. As long as there’s been games, there have been gamers who are constantly looking to outdo one another in seeing how quickly they can complete a speedrun.

Games like Sonic the Hedgehog Mario and Contra have always been some popular classic speedruns that many of us at the very least attempted when we were younger. There are some great new games too that people have began to try and beat faster and faster. Some games have even started to include achievements on based on how quickly a player can complete a mission, level and obviously even the entire game. Let’s take a look at some really great speedruns, from classics we’ve grown up on to new titles that people have played so much that they can seemingly complete these titles in their sleep as they strive to get the perfect run for speedy perfection.

1.Mario 64 Speedrun:

There are quite a few of these out there actually and apparently more than one way to do it. Some gamers try to collect as many of the stars in the game as they can when completing this speedrun. Other’s seem to completely ignore the stars and just power through the game as quickly as they possibly can. The amount of time it takes to do these different runs is pretty drastic.

If they collect no stars it looks like it can be done in under six minutes, if they decide to get the stars it takes decidedly longer; as in well over an hour. The fastest run that exists as far as we know is the run made by Mitjitsu, a gamer who was able to beat Mario 64 in five minutes and 47 seconds. I think this game took me months of frustration and just random exploration to beat, but for this particular gamer it took less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza.

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