Top 10 Xbox 360 Games we want to see at E3 2011

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Another year, another E3, where all the major publishers and developers get a chance to air their upcoming products. It’s a level playing field, so how are some of the bigger names planning on keeping their lead on the competition? Having explored the top games we want Sony to show off at E3 this year, it’s about time we think about what we want the big M to throw into the mix.

10. Gears of War 3

We know the multiplayer will be a blast, so let's get some more news on the other modes

We all know it’s coming, and we’ve already seen a hell of a lot of Gears action from the recent beta. More wouldn’t go amiss though. A bit more information on the new Beast mode would be pretty awesome, and more campaign announcements and knowledge would go down smooth. It’s pretty likely though, so know need to keep the fingers crossed.

9. Forza 4

The Kinect support has made some fans nervous, but a good E3 showing will calm them down

Announcements have been nicely forthcoming regarding the new Kinect features of the upcoming Forza Motorsport sequel, but there are some fans who are still a bit concerned. It’s understandable when new things push you out of your comfort zone so, with a bit more footage regarding the use of Kinect in Forza 4 and the other more “hardcore” additions, fans will be put to rest once more. That, and it looks pretty tasty.

8. Fable 4

Will it be more Fable, or an entirely new IP from Lionhead?

I’m sure there are many here who lost faith in the Fable franchise long ago. There’s a validity in these feelings, but there’s just something in the air that makes me think Molyneux still has more to show us. Hopefully he can do this with the next Lionhead 360 exclusive, which is rumoured to show in June. It could be Fable 4 or a whole new franchise but either way, despite a slight scepticism, I’m kind of looking forward to see what Lionhead have in store for us.

7. Codename: Kingdoms

A gladiator fantasy setting seems like an exciting new direction for Crytek

Crytek have impressed me as of late. They’re quite clearly good at designing games, tech and all around FPS goodness, but it’s time they cast the net a bit further. Codename: Kingdoms was announced last June, and got us all hot and bothered at the idea of Crytek going for a dark fantasy action title. Let’s hope they give Kingdoms another E3 showing this year, but with proper gameplay details and footage this time around.

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