Top 5 Epic Boss Battles Ever

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We all know know that Video Games can be sometimes tough to play. All this difficulty comes from the superb boss battles that some of the games have. In this article we take a look at some of the Epic Boss Battles that have taken in Video Games in recent history, not necessary the toughest ones. So here it is: Top 5 Epic Boss Battles in no particular order:

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Boss Battle: Naked Snake versus The END

If there was one game that had awesome and unique boss fights throughout than it has to be MGS3. You will be facing off The End, one of the oldest (over a 100 years!!!) members of the COBRA unit. The real catch point of this boss battle is the area over which the battle takes place. We all know how Hideo Kojima is great a level designer, but the sort of environment he picked up for this battle was spectacular. The fight takes off in two regions: Marshlands and one in the forest area. Where you can take on The End is entirely dependent on the player. But the issue is that The End uses camouflage so well that its is almost impossible to spot him. It took me three hours to beat him the first time when I played the game back in 2004. See the video below:

2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Jill Valentine versus Nemesis

As the name of the game suggests, the Nemesis was a real nemesis! The guy would just come out of anything. Trains, gardens, cars just about everything in the game. I guess he was the only smart zombie who took out a helicopter with his missile launcher in the game when the player had to fight him over a clock tower. The last and final boss battle requires the player to charge a weapon while the nemesis is around you. This video is epic,  just watch it and you will know what I am speaking about.

3. Shadow of the Colossus

All Colossi Boss Battles

This game defines the meaning of EPIC. You are 5 feet something and the only foes you will be going against are over 100 feet monsters? You have gotta be kidding me. Back in 2005, I thought this was one of the best games ever made. Now in 2009 I still think no game till now has even reached that kind of scale that SOTC was able to reach. All the bosses were challenging and most importantly they were a lot of fun. Check the video below:

4. God Of War 2

End Battle with Zeus

Kratos & vengeance go hand in hand. The final battle with Zeus in GOW II was truly a test to the player skills. You have to face Zeus thunder and his huge army of enemies all together. With the correct matching of pop up buttons and with a bit of patience this battle can be won in about a couple of hours. What follows after the fight is truly epic. Check the video below for more.

5. Okami

Final Boss Fight

You have lost all your painting powers. You have lost all hope. You have lost the game. And suddenly something happens. Inspiration. Prayers. From all those the white dog saved from the torments of the enemy reunite and finally wins the battle in your favor. And awesome combination of story telling and use of powers against a boss that was as hard as a nut! Took me four hours to beat this one way back in 2006.

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