Top 9 Most Awful Looking Villains

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We are all aware that games require a solid protagonist if we are going to enjoy them, but sometimes a well written villain just really adds that extra incentive to keep playing. After all, if we didn’t all think that Bowser was such a massive douche-bag, (and potential sex offender to boot) why would we care that he’d taken our princess to another castle? Sometimes though, the antagonists we face in our games just don’t cut the mustard and look a little bit wrong. Maybe they look stupid and out of place. Maybe they appear so wimpy that we don’t really see the challenge in beating them. Regardless of the reason here is a list of nine villains who, at a first glance, just don’t look like quite right.

9.Kraid – Metroid Franchise

What’s his special attack? Crushing you with his fat rolls?!

This may be a bit of a controversial decision, considering the feverish devotion so many Metroid fans have toward the game’s core characters, but it has to be said that he’s a pretty lame looking boss. Generally speaking bigger is better when it comes to our foes, but big in the kind of bad ass way and not big in the kind of fat way. Dinosaurs and lizard variations are always welcome, but I must admit that the obese variations of said reptiles are much less intimidating. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for how awesome some of the other enemies look in the Metroid franchise. Even if Kraid did look really insane, it would still probably fall short of the iconic Metroids and the menacing Ridley.

8. Kefka – Final Fantasy 6

Not even snappy writing could save Kefka from his ridiculous appearance

Before you hoard the comments section with notes on how I am “MassSISVE SUXZORS 4 H8TING ONZ KEFKA LOL” I’d just like to say that Kefka is actually an exceptionally well crafted character, and a genuinely frightening adversary. Yet even though he was one of the first JRPG villains to actually possess a real motive for his criminal actions, he just looks a little stupid. He’s a clown, and a very womanly looking one at that. He, admittedly, covers the weird and bizarre villain paradigm that was often left alone in traditional JRPGs. Regardless, he just isn’t that intimidating on a first glance.

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