Top Zombie/Undead Games To Look Forward To In 2014

If you like killing zombies and fighting the hordes of undead, then 2014 may just be the perfect year for you.

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Gamers have an obsession, that obsession seems to be the undead. It’s this very odd paradigm, because we don’t actually love them, what we love about them is that they’re just so damned fun to kill. Well, 2014 isn’t going to be much different than the last few years. There are plenty of new games full of zombies and the undead for you to slay, some games may not be what you expect, while others you may have patiently been following for months or even longer.

If you love zombies, or more to the point, you love blowing them into itty-bitty pieces to stop the infection in it’s tracks then chances are our list below will have at least one game you’re interested in. If not, maybe you’re finally all zombied-out? That’s just crazy though, you’ll never get sick of killing zombies. Never.

Dying Light:

Techland, the developers of Dead Island are at it again and bringing us another zombie game. From the looks of it though, this game is sharing very little with it’s Pacific surrounded, older brother Dead Island. Dying Light is very much more of a twitch, action survival game. Players will be expected to be able to navigate and maneuver fluidly through all sorts of different urban terrain, utilizing the character’s freerun ability.

There is a twist with this one too. Once the sun goes down, it would be highly recommended that you stay off the street. What are normally slow moving, shambling shells of their former living selves in the daylight, become ravenous, violent and flesh crazed monsters at night. Of course, it won’t be that simple or else it wouldn’t be much of a game if you could just stay inside. While Dead Island had zombie fans on both side of the fence, who either loved or hated the game, it looks like Dying Light is going to be a bit more of a crowd-pleaser. With an emphasis on action, survival and flexible mobility, this just may be the zombie game you’ve been waiting for.

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