Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Stealth Force Edition 3DS Review

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Left screen is a Decepticon Mission – Right is BumbleBee in an Autobot Mission

Let’s start off by mentioning that this is a Nintendo 3DS title which implies that the game is in 3D.  Now some either cannot or prefer not to play in 3D because of various issues from dizziness to headaches, but I am not one of those people.  Unfortunately as hard as it may be to make a game in 3D and have it look good the 3DS version of Transformers: Dark of the Moon [Stealth Force Edition] fails to make it look good or even in 3D for that matter as at points no matter the angle it is held at you cannot see it in 3D, but rather just overlay after overlay.  Now having seen 3D trailers and playing other games in 3D on the portable console, it was clear that the game was not made to integrate well with the 3D features.  This was a huge disappointment as I was waiting to play the 3DS version of the game, while have the 3D setting off will give you a much more pleasurable experience.  The DS versions of the game prove to be more fun at any rate, however the graphics of the game are not too bad compared to your average DS game.

Even the cut scenes although original do not prove in anyway to take advantage of the system graphically being in non 3D cartoon drawn style.  Aside from the graphics the gameplay is extremely repetitive with each mission not changing much as far as objectives go other than what character you play as and the location you play in, which was one upside bringing you to different places to play each level.  Another aspect of the gameplay is the each level seems to be borderline between being very difficult to passable, but it certainly hurt my hands as I clenched the 3DS in fear of failing the level, trying my best.  All in all though once you get the hang of the controls it is not all that difficult.  The biggest throw off about the game was right there in the title, and call it myself to blame but ‘Stealth Force Edition‘ simply means that you cannot change into a Transformers.  You have two modes, the non-threatening vehicle mode and yet another vehicle mode that allows you to use missiles as well as a machine gun while still in vehicle mode and controls are now switched around.  You will have to get used to it as you will need to collect enough energon to be in attack mode while if you run out, you are forced to your defenseless driving mode, (thankfully ramming enemies at high speed can eliminate them) but energon re-spawns after time as well as appearing in dead enemies places as well as missile or other special gun refills which each Transformer can hold more or less of their specific special weapon.

Graphics are not all that bad while it’s the 3D that suffers

It is nice to see that you get to play as many of the different Autobots as well as Decepticons as their missions are split up nearly equally.  This is different from the DS versions of the game where two separate game are sold with one where you play as all Autobots and the other as all Decepticons.  Still there is only a mere 18 missions with some so short that once you get the hang of the game, it should not be hard to complete the whole game in less than two hours.  There is no multiplayer in the game either, no matter which way you have, which might have been a good choice considering the outcome of the game.  Each mission can be accessed individually as long as you have completed it.  The story is bare bones as it leads up to the movie or along with it as it is hard to tell as the scattered missions come about.  Sound of the game goes up and down especially during cut scenes where headphones are nearly required.

The title may come down to a love/hate sort of thing considering the controls can be mastered.  You will want to strafe from left to right using your special (until it runs out) and you infinite ammo machine gun, then switching to vehicle mode to zoom away looking for energon as well as special weapon ammo.  There are also power ups places through out maps from infinite ammo for a short time to a shield that also refills your health proving very helpful.  It still boils down to a very short game that could have been made with much better quality.  My suggestion would be to stay clear of this one unless you are a die hard Transformers fan, while you must keep in mind you are not getting any real 3D quality out of the game.  But although disappointing for me, you might find that being in a vehicle mode the entire game is an intrigue for you so I would throw this title in the never check out ever category, but at any rate it could have been developed better as you might find the DS versions more suitable.  It would be nice if you could demo the game if not from a download maybe from someone else who owns it similar to the Street Fighter 3DS game feature, but I would be careful with this title as the console game War for Cybertron is absolutely AMAZING compared to Stealth Force Edition for 3DS regardless of console differences.

This game was reviewed on the Nintendo 3DS.


Nice selection of playable Transformers each with unique abilities. Many different locations.


Very poor 3D integration. Slightly misleading with the fact of not being able to fully transform into a Transformer. Very short game with 18 missions, some beatable in a few moments.

Final Verdict

'Stealth Force Edition' to break it down confines you to two separate vehicle modes only, with one being defenseless with the exception of speed while the other is an attack mode with different controls.

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