True Meanings Behind These Confusing Video Game Endings

Some endings are just a lot more complicated than they seem.

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What is in an ending? Is it the culmination of events that drove you along? Is it your reward for partaking on a journey or is it the destination? However you may look at it, some destinations are weirder than most and plenty of games have left us confused by their endings. Haven’t you ever wondered what it all really means though? Developers may not have confirmed some of these and many are left ambiguous on purpose, relying on one’s own interpretation. Regardless, here are what some of the actual meanings of 15 confusing video game endings could be. And yes, spoilers abound. Like, everywhere, even if they make no sense.

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The stories in From Software’s games aren’t generally known for being easy to decipher. In Bloodborne, however, the ending isn’t too complicated. You start the game receiving a blood transfusion to halt the plague Inside you, which is your main reason for coming to Yharnam, before signing a contract and becoming a Hunter in the process. By the end, you can choose to be free from your contract, awakening in a world where the sun is rising. Many debate which one of the realities is actually true and it could be a case of Gehrman, the hunter adviser, killing you to prevent a new Great One from emerging. Which we’ll get to in a bit.

If you refuse and fight Gerhman, you become the next hunter adviser when the Moon Presence, one of the often-hinted-at Great Ones, descends from the sky and disables you.

Throughout the game, you discover an item called “One Third of Umbilical Cord”. Though there are four, you need to only collect three and consume them before fighting Gehrman. Once the Moon Presence arrives, it can’t take a hold of you and thus begins the final battle. When you win, the Plain Doll can be seen picking up a slug and judging from the description on the Trophy obtained, you’ve essentially become the Moon Presence. In infant form of course.

The third ending is regarded as the most “true” with your character essentially heralding a new age without plague. If Dark Souls is any indication though, it shouldn’t take long before the cycle begins anew.

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