What console survives a fall better, the Xbox One or the PS4?

The most important battle in the console war.

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If, for some reason, you have always been curious about which piece of expensive electronic equipment, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, Wire’s Battle Damage has gone ahead and answered that question for us so that we don’t have to subject our own beloved machines to some stupid damage and stress that might possibly break them.

They start by dropping both consoles 5 feet, and both consoles seem to survive the fall pretty well, emerging with not even a single scratch. But then things are amped up to a higher degree, with falls going as high as 15 feet. Which console survives that fall better? Are you sure you want me to tell you?

Alright, well here goes- Xbox One seems to survive these falls much better than the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 is actually a pretty sturdily built console, so the Xbox One has to be crazily well built to survive stress even better.

Of course, the question for both of these new kids on the block is- which of them would actually be able to go up against Nintendo’s legendary build quality with its consoles and come out on the top? I don’t think any of them would, after all, Nintendo consoles are made of Nintendium™, the hardest substance known to mankind…

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